Keto log #2

9.15.16 – I broke this morning, I weighed myself.  I logged in at 261, so with my starting total of 274, that’s 13 lbs in 19 days.  Not too shabby, eh?  At first I was bummed it wasn’t more, but then I thought that if a healthy rate of loss is 2 lbs a week, then I’m ahead of the game and it hasn’t even been a month yet.  So I’ll wait again until the end of the month but I think I’m on the right track.

9.17.16 – We had steak and broccoli last night and it was fantastic.  Jesse really knows how to grill well.  I made cauliflower ham chowder earlier in the day for lunch and it was way tasty, and then I baked off some bacon to store in the fridge for just “whenever” moments.

I went to Costco yesterday and spent way too much money but it was on tasty items so I don’t feel bad about it (see bacon reference above).

Tonight I’m going to test out a recipe for eggroll filling, but I’ll tweak it a bit.  I’m going to add the remaining half spaghetti squash in the mix, I think it will be a nice addition.  I’ll probably take photos and let you know, though.

9.18.16 – Well, the eggroll filling turned out fairly well.  I didn’t end up using any cabbage, just the spaghetti squash for the main veggie, and I used a bit too much soy sauce so it was slightly saltier than it needed to be.  I like it well enough and Jesse had three helpings, so that was encouraging.  Though, to be fair he hadn’t eaten anything all day.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit out of it.  I’d had cauli ham chowder for breakfast and I ate that quite soon after I got into work whereas I’d normally wait until my noon break, and then at my first break I had the steak and broccoli leftovers I was going to have for lunch, and then for lunch I had the few strips of bacon I was planning to eat for my last break.  My day was all kinds of off and I felt out of sorts.  Not exactly shaky but kind of…unfulfilled I guess I’d call it.  Even after I ate dinner I still felt wrong, so I put some pork belly in the oven and made some real whipped cream and ate most of the cream while the pork belly was cooking.  And you know what?  I felt loads better.  So, I hadn’t gotten enough fat all day and once I got some fat in me I felt normal again.

Today I brought the pork belly, cauli ham chowder, and some salami with cream cheese.  We’re having meatballs and broccoli for dinner tonight.

9.19.16 – Dinner last night was kind of blah to me, though Jesse liked it.  I don’t know why but I decided to get on the scale last night before bed and of course it had crept up to 263.  I didn’t let it bother me because it was the end of the day and it’s shark week besides so I know I’m retaining water.  I weighed again this morning and voila, 259!  Let’s keep this train moving!

9.23.16 – So apparently once I cheat I just cannot stop.  I’ve weighed a couple more times and this morning I was at 256!  It’s exciting and yet I just cannot wish that it were more.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s 18 lbs in less than a month, and if I am able to keep this pace it’ll be 60 lbs off in no time but I still wish I was stunning immediately, you know?  Well, it took years to put it on so I have awhile to take it off.  *sigh*

I made some cheesecake-like fat bombs last night and also some pumpkin cheesecake fluff.

pumpkin fluff

pumpkin fluff

cheesecake fluff

cheesecake fat bombs

I did not feel great when I went to bed and I think it’s just so much dairy doesn’t agree with me always.  But they were both pretty tasty  I have been using stevia but I think I may also purchase a couple bottles of sugar-free Torani syrups.  The stupid thing is I had like 4-5 bottles about a year ago and then got rid of them because we figured that real sugar was healthier than the artificial stuff.  I still think that natural sugar is probably best, but the artificial stuff doesn’t spike my insulin so it sounds like on the rare occasion we make desserts I will be using that.

9.24.16 – I tried my hand at parmesan chips the other day and sadly I wasn’t a fan.


They weren’t bad, just not that great.  I think I made them too thick.  I’m trying to find a good chip replacement and a cracker replacement for dips.  We made Fathead Pizza the other day and it turned out pretty well.


I’ve heard you can use the crust for other applications like crackers and danishes and a bunch of other stuff so I may branch out with that recipe.

We made a quiche last week and it would have been tasty except it had kind of a soapy flavor to it.


I think the silicone cake pan I used was perhaps not rinsed well enough or something.  I used silicone instead of our normal metal pans because it was a crustless quiche and I didn’t want it to stick.  I’ve also heard of people using sausage for the crust and that could be interesting.

10.1.16 – Well, I failed spectacularly at not weighing for the month of September.  As it got closer to October I was weighing myself pretty much daily.  I went back up to 257 for a few days which I know is normal, weight fluctuates.  When I weighed myself this morning, I was at 255!  19 pounds gone so far.

I am having this weird thing, though, where my urine is brown sometimes.  I mean, like, BROWN.  I usually chug more water and it clears up and looks normal again but some people online are suggesting it could be Rhabdomyolysis which is a fairly serious condition.  However, I don’t meet any of the criteria so I don’t think that’s what it is.  I will definitely keep an eye on things, however.  Nothing hurts on me or feels out of place.  I’m not more tired than usual or have memory fog.  I’m not cold all the time.  It seems to me that when this happens I end up losing some weight, so that could be a correlation.  In the meantime I will keep calm and keto on!

Fire in the hole!

Last night we took my new rifle to the gun range to test her out.


I hadn’t shot in over a year so it took me a moment to remember what went where and how to load the cartridge and everything.  We placed the target out at 100 yards, I shot four times and when it came back to us I saw the glory of…NOTHING!


I had not hit the target even once.

Shooting my rifle was a trip!  It was so loud, and the cement tunnel we were shooting down had this crazy reverb, it was frickin’ LOUD!  Having my face so close and being able to see the flash-bang coming out of the barrel, and the wind blow back was intense.  I’m not sure I would experience the same thing if we were shooting outdoor.

It also took many shots to get used to the trigger.  It was so smooth!  There was literally no way to know when the shot was going to go off so I was pulling super slowly, but then my breathing would move the barrel and I know you’re supposed to exhale on the shot.  Eventually I started pulling the trigger more quickly and that felt better.

Jesse shot and then Dustin and the kids were there by then.  I tried it again at 100 yards and still nothing.  It was getting embarrassing.  We all took turns and then next time we brought it to 25 yards and I still wasn’t hitting it, except for one hit at the very bottom of the sheet.  Now, I knew I was lining it all up appropriately so I had Jesse try it out and he missed at 25 yards as well.  That’s when we decided there was something wrong with the sight.  I knew I wasn’t bad at aiming!

Dustin and Jesse fiddled around with both sights for a couple shots and it slowly started bringing the shots more into alignment.  Finally I took the helm again at 50 yards and hit the sheet so then at 100 yards and hit the mark over and over.  I was so happy!  It turns out I have mad skills, at least when it comes to a non-moving, no-wind-influencing target.


Lowest shot was mine, next was Jesse’s, next two are Jesse’s while they were fixing the sight, then the top six are mine!



A new week

Monday was the first day of Ezra going to preschool that he was fairly eager to go. When we got to the classroom he went right to his peg and hung up his backpack, then got hand sanitizer, then headed over to his spot on the rug.

On the other hand, Leo is still not a happy camper.  Last night he was running a fever and didn’t want to eat or drink much.  We gave him some meds and I checked on him during the night and he was still way hot.  A few minutes later he made kind of a gagging sound so I went to check in on him again and he sat up in his crib and just started spewing.  I called Jesse to help me clean up the bed while I cleaned up Leo.  I took his temperature again and he was a little over 101 so we gave him some some more meds and put him back to bed.  It took me quite some time to fall asleep again because I was afraid he was going to vomit and asphixiate, but he was better in the morning when I checked on him.  Still has a fever and wanting to be cuddled but temp was down to 99, so that is good.

We own fish again

Jesse has been setting up a salt water aquarium again for the past couple weeks.  We started more slowly this time, let it cycle awhile before adding snails and hermit crabs.  Two nights ago we went and bought our first set of fish for the new tanks, a set of clown fish.  They are super cute and very small and are fairly dusky.  I don’t think they will be the bright orange that most people associate with clowns.  They were tank raised and know how to host so if we get an anemone they should know what to do.

Leo has been kind of cranky again the last couple days, running fevers, being pretty needy.  He wants me to hold him, then he wants down, then he wants back up again.  His two upper canines popped a week or so ago and Jesse said he saw a lower one has broken through now as well.  He’s probably working on the last canine and that’s why he’s been a crank pot.

All in all, though, the boys are pretty adorable.


We are still moving on the house refinance.  We’ve gotten the appraisal done with, so now we’re just waiting on the underwriters.  We decided to take out more than we currently own because we want to do some upgrades on the house.  We’d like to get a new roof and central air/heat and if we have money left over I would like to get sprinklers installed and some sod laid down.  *THEN* if we still have some left, we want to get a new deck.  Our current deck is so rickety and wobbly, I hate going down the stairs.  We are kind of playing around with the idea of extending the deck out more and placing the stairs on the opposite side.  Jesse says the sun hits from the other side so it would melt the snow and ice on the stairs that build up during winter.  I don’t know why builders don’t think of those things when they putting a house together in the first place.

Ezra is now in preschool and I think he has mixed feelings about it.  Every morning he tells me he doesn’t want to go to school, and when I drop him off he’s like velcro kid.  But when Brenda picks him up she says he’s all smiles and how he had such a great day, so who knows.  He had a rough morning on Thursday.  He wouldn’t put his tablet away and come get into the car so I told him he couldn’t have his tablet the rest of the day and then it escalated so he couldn’t have Minecraft for a week.  Oh, it was a stormy scene!  I finally had to pick him up and physically carry him to his room for a time out, and by then we were late to preschool.

He finally calmed down and we talked about it and I told him he could earn back his stuff by doing things around the house to help me out.  He was really keen to earn his stuff back by putting Benny in his kennel and giving him a treat.  I was like, how is that helping me out?  And he said, “Because I’m putting Benny in his kennel!”  I tried telling him that wasn’t something I needed help with but he was really fixated on that.

Later in the day his teacher texted me a photo and Ezra was lying down under the backpack area, she let me know he was still having a rough day.  But when I went to pick him up after class was done she let me know that after she texted me she asked if he wanted to join the group and he jumped up and smiled and said he was ready to make good choices now!  (That’s something that we’re working on, making good choices.)  So he got a little note to take home with him that said he’d made his teacher happy by making good choices.  He was all smiles about that.

Keto log #1

All right, folks, I’m going to keep it very real in these posts.

I decided to start a ketogenic diet on 8.29.16.  Technically I guess you could call it a lifestyle because really I should be eating this way from now until I die, but who can see the future?

I decided to commit to the “No scale September” because it gets depressing and self-defeating if you get on the scale every morning and don’t see any movement.  When I weighed myself a few days earlier I was at 274 and I’ve hovered around there for the past couple months.  My weight has slowly gone up since I gave birth to Leo.  In fact, I think I was in the 250s soon after I had him.  No Bueno.

Because I can’t get on the scale all this month I decided to get on one final time on 9.1.16.  I logged in at 270.  I had been eating keto for four days at that time, so I think that’s a fair amount of water weight to have come off in that short amount of time.  I’m not deluding myself that it’s fat loss at this point, but I’m confident that will come later.  I’m eager for the end of the month to come so I can get on that scale!  I want to see movement in those numbers!

Last night I made cheeseburger soup and biscuits and they were so tasty!  It’s nice to know that keto recipes are all over the internet, so I should never get bored, right?  I also bought some coconut-flavored stevia drops to make desserts with later on.  On the one hand, I kind of feel like if I’m addicted to sweets then I probably shouldn’t even have the “legal” stuff, but on the other hand I think it’s unrealistic to never again have dessert.

I’ve been walking regularly in the mornings for about the last month and a half.  I feel good about myself when I’m done but man do I still not like the exercise.  My left heel has been all kinds of jacked up, making me limp pretty badly throughout the day, but it’s finally been feeling a little better these last couple days.  Sometimes I get on the treadmill and just want to give up because my foot hurts so much, but I just take it slowly and eventually it starts to hurt less and I can pick up the pace.  I’m nowhere near to running nor do I know if I want to become a runner.  From everything I read it’s really bad on your joints.  Also, at this point my belly is so big it literally hits my thighs when I run and that is super awkward and uncomfortable.

9.5.16 – Tonight I made Zuppa Toscana soup, or an approximation of it.


The only thing I didn’t include was the zucchini and it was fabulous.  I made Ezra eat one bite of it before he could eat his PB&J sandwich and once he finally got it in his mouth he raved about it.  He didn’t want more than that one bite, but he loved it.  I actually took a video so I could show it to him the next time I make the soup so he will remember he actually said he liked it.

I still haven’t gotten on the scale, I’ve been strong!  Granted, it’s only been five days but still, every day is a victory, right?

Jesse has decided to eat keto for awhile which has been nice.  I don’t know if he’s sold on the science behind, he doesn’t like to hear that calories don’t necessarily matter, it but it makes enough sense to him that he’s willing to try.

I feel like my belly has shrunk a bit.  When I lie down in bed, my belly fat has kind of a crease in the middle instead of just one lump, and I don’t have to hoist as much belly when I turn over.  I don’t think it’s all in my head.  Come on end of September!

9.6.16 – When I woke up this morning, I could see different aspects of my belly!  When I used my stomach muscles to help get me out of bed, my stomach was differently shaped.  I’m not saying I will have lost 30 lbs by the end of the month, but I can see body reshaping happening, miniscule differences though it may be.  Exciting!

9.14.16 – Still going strong!  I put on a pair of pants this morning that I hadn’t worn since before Leo was born, and they fit fantastic!  When I was standing, that is.  Too long sitting and it would have started to bug me so I wore a larger pair of capris today, but still!

The other day I made cauliflower and ham chowder, and then I garnished it with Italian herb-marinated mozzarella balls.


It was so good!  We are using cauliflower a lot in place of potatoes these days.  It looks kind of bland because there is not a huge color palette happening, but it was super tasty.

Then last night we made spaghetti squash topped with grilled chicken and homemade alfredo sauce.


For breakfast today I made meat rolls.  Today’s meet is sliced black forest ham, smeared with cream cheese, one basil leaf, and a tomato slice, then you roll it up.  It’s ok but the entire basil leaf is a bit strong and the tomato is fairly watery.  Next time will probably just do the meat and cheese.

I created a menu for the next few days:

Wednesday – Pepperoni pizza, salad (using the Fathead pizza dough recipe)
Thursday – Pork roast, brussels sprouts
Friday – Cheeseburger soup, almond biscuits
Saturday – Eggroll stuffing

This way we won’t get into a rut and it will allow us to better plan meals so less food goes to waste.  I’m sorry to say we do throw out a fair amount of produce, so this should help.