So fresh and so clean

Well, I finally figured out what was going on with the images in WordPress. My images were too large so even though they uploaded they couldn’t be edited. I fixed it by shrinking the images by 50% and then uploading. Now I can edit the images again. Of course, now that they are smaller images they aren’t doing that weird thing where they upload sideways so it’s a moot point. But still good to know.

Poor Leo was sick last night. And I do mean SICK. Multiple pukers, it came on so suddenly. He seems all good today but last night he was such a sad panda and kept saying “Oh boy, oh boy,” so pathetically with his head resting on the toilet seat.

Jesse and I watched “Life” last night.

It was thrilling but I kept shouting directions to the cast and they never did it! I’m telling you, I could save so many fake movies lives if only they listened to me.

I feel like we’re getting into the home stretch with potty training Leo. He does so well when he doesn’t have anything on his lower half, no accidents. He does really well when he’s only wearing pants with no diaper, pull-ups, or underwear. The problem is if he is wearing anything that resembles a diaper he just doesn’t think about it and will pee. Now, this is probably not a bad way to go, to put him in underwear and just let him pee so he feels all wet but the problem with this method is that I am the one who has to clean up pee puddles! All in all, I think he’s on track. Boys usually take longer than girls and he’s not yet three so it’s not like he’s behind in that sense, either. I’m just eager to be done with it.

Jesse and I cleaned up the office yesterday and made room for the computer desk and accessories from the downstairs living room and then cleaned up the downstairs living room and it looks AMAZING. Seriously, it’s just so spacious and empty feeling now, I love it. And the office room is looking really good. The downside is now that it is an official office, we no longer have a guest room where we can throw our spare mattress. But we have a huge living room area where we could put it if it comes to it. Guests would just have to ignore the cats and perhaps dog that would sleep with them.

I recently finished a 30-day squats challenge where I had to do 100 squats daily. I only missed one day. It doesn’t seem likely that I will be doing it again any time soon. I mean, I’m proud of myself for sticking with it but I’m fat so it’s not like I’m seeing results from it. I really need to get back to keto. Every day I say, “Today’s the day,” but then it doesn’t happen.

We’ve been really monitoring Ezra’s screen time during the school week and as a result he and Leo have been playing together a ton, it’s very cute.

Ezra has decided he would like to do Tai Kwan Do so I am looking into that for him. The local rec center has classes so we’ll start him out there. We also need to get him into swim lessons. It may be a busy spring.

It’s a beautiful morning!

Well, it was more beautiful yesterday, but today ain’t too shabby. We haven’t had much in the way of snow this year and it feels like the reservoirs aren’t going to be as filled as they should but it’s been nice for driving.

We bought Leo a little toddler bike complete with training wheels, it’s frickin’ adorable. I would show you pictures but WordPress is being a pain in my ass and not allowing me to edit images, so no photos for the time being.

We’re trying to get Ezra more pumped about riding his bike but it’s been somewhat of a struggle. We purchased his bike last fall and he didn’t have much time with it before winter set in. We’ve got him out on the street in front of our house a couple times and we took him to the school lot to bike on since it’s level and broad but he wasn’t feeling it. That seemed to change last Saturday, though. He was much more willing to actually get on his bike and ride it around. He has training wheels on it currently that aren’t set correctly (in my opinion). The training wheels are both touching the ground so there is no balancing being required. I suppose at this point I should just be grateful he’s riding at all. We’ll give him a few days just practicing the mechanics of it but those bad boys are going to get adjusted.

I didn’t have training wheels when I was learning to bike and sure I fell off a fair few times but that’s part of the process, learning how to fall. Ez is WAY scared of falling.

Leo really seems to like his new bike…until he stops himself with his pedal brakes. He goes forward for a few strokes and then pushes backward which brakes the bike and he can’t get started again without a push. A learning process, to be sure, but he gets all frustrated and then doesn’t want to ride anymore. He spent more time running after Ezra than he did riding his own bike. Oh well, baby steps I guess.

The plan is to get Jesse and myself our own bikes and then bike the heck out of this year. I’ve been looking at some different bike models and am pretty sure I’m going to get some kind of cruiser/hybrid. I need that wide seat and I definitely don’t need 21 speeds at this point. We bought a toddler trailer last summer while on vacation so for longer rides Leo will have the best seat in the house. With Jesse pedaling him, of course.

A couple of us have colds again. It seems like we get rid of illness only to get something else a week or two later. I blame the elementary school. Kids and their germs, man.

I’ve been working to get the house more in order, specifically the soap room. Really it’s a catch-all kind of room and I’ve been trying to reorganize it. I’m paring down on the clothing and shoe sales and I’ve sold off a bit of the soap stuff. Really I could try to sell the soap molds but I still have this idea that once the kids are both in school I will soap more and I don’t want to have to buy all those products again. So for now everything is just sitting in the back room, taking up space.

I haven’t done the VIPKID teaching since December. I had decided to take off January to focus on my health but then decided I hated getting up at 3am so I haven’t gone back to it. I’ve done a couple mortgage signings and did an auto inspection but nothing too busy this year. That’s another thing I can do when both kids are in school, build up the notary business. Right now I cannot take a lot of jobs that come my way because I’d have to find a sitter for Leo. I’ve also applied for a couple virtual assistant jobs but then I got to thinking that we have a pretty packed summer and I’d keep having to take time off work, so it’d probably be best if I didn’t find anything new until the fall when school starts again.

Ezra has been having some behavior problems at school lately so we’ve been working with his teacher to curb those impulses. I would say the main issue is his lying. He will do something, you’ll see him do and call him on it, and he will immediately deny he did whatever it was that he did. So we’re working on “owning” the issue and not just issuing a blanket statement of deniability. It’s been going ok so far. We cut out his screen time and now he has to earn his time through stickers for good behavior at school. Each sticker is worth 10 minutes with a max cap possible of six per school day. I will say he and Leo have been playing a ton more together and running around now that it’s not tablet time all the time. With spring and summer just around the corner, it’s nice that we have parks close to us and a trampoline and grassy yard for them to play on.

We lost Grandma Baugher this month. She was 96 years old and was an amazing woman. I remember fondly the times we spent with her and grandpa at their house in the country. I will miss her but am glad she’s not in pain. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.


January 2018 keto log

1.29.18 – I was feeling so poorly throughout December due to bad eating. I mean, I really let myself go crazy. Jesse learned how to make these AMAZING caramels and I made a ton of cookies and other treats. It culminated in an ambulance trip to the hospital because I felt like I was having a heart attack. It turned out to be something called Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs) and doing some research, many people get them when their diet it too high in carbs. So after the new year I started back on keto. Technically I’ve been keto since January 4th (it took a couple days to clear out the cookies and treats from the house).

1.1.18 – 259 lbs
1.2.18 – 260 lbs
1.7.18 – 255 lbs
1.16.18 – 253 lbs
1.18.18 – 251 lbs
1.22.18 – 250

On the 24th I started fasting again with no set end date in sight.
1.24.18 – 252 lbs
1.26.18 – 249 lbs
1.27.18 – 247 lbs
1.28.18 – 245 lbs
1.29.18 – 242 lbs

Today at 3pmish it officially hits the five day mark, which is a new record for me. I was thinking I would eat tonight for dinner but that is weak me talking! I am reading all these personal stories of people who go 30+ days and would love to do that but mentally it’s such a challenge. I mean, five days has been hard enough! It’s not been too difficult physically but mentally it’s been a bitch.

I just *want* to eat. And it’s so hard making dinner at night for the rest of the family and not to partake.

I feel like if I quit, though, and I start to do another fast, I have to go through days 1-5 again, whereas if I keep going, I can hit days 6, 7, 10, 14, 21 easier since I’m already five days in. Also, I’m thinking that if I can just be a hard ass and shed 40 lbs in one month, I can return to keto and continue to lose at a slower rate and I’d never need to fast for 30 days again. I guess ultimately I’d like to hit 30 days (or more, you know I have the reserves) but I’m just taking it one day at a time.

I’m taking daily supplements of magnesium and calcium, and just started taking lite salt in capsule form to help with electrolytes and potassium. Some days I take more heart healthy supplements to keep my heart in check.

The boys have come down with colds and I’m thinking if I continue to fast for the duration I won’t catch their colds because the autophagy process attacks viruses and weakened cells so I may be able to bypass colds all together. It’s said that after fasting for three days your immune system is completely renovated. Hopefully there is truth to that.

1.31.18 – Best laid intentions, ah, well. I ended up eating that night. I broke my fast with some fries and nuggets from Chic-Fil-A. Definitely not the best thing to break an extended fast with but I was suddenly super hungry coming home from grocery shopping and just felt like I couldn’t go any longer.

This morning I weighed in at 242. My skin hurts from water retention and inflammation, which is unfortunate. Technically I guess I don’t really know it’s from water retention and inflammation but I have a sneaking suspicion that when I do another extended fast the symptoms and pain will go away. I guess it could be from something I’ve eaten that perhaps I’m sensitive to…something to think about, anyway.

Speak of, I am fasting again starting tomorrow. I’d like to go another five days (or longer) but as always I’m just going to be loose with the end date. Wouldn’t you know it, I just started my sourdough bread sponge/starter today and I probably won’t get to eat any of the fresh baked bread but it’s not like I don’t have more starter in the fridge just waiting to be woken up again.

Creating a food budget is not easy stuff

Trying to watch my youngest son play a Kinect game is frustrating as heck. He just wants to move around and bounce and completely does not understand the mechanics of the game at all. He doesn’t understand when I tell him he needs to move over, or to throw a ball with one hand and hit with the other. FRUSTRATION! And I’m not even the one playing the game with him!

Well, on to other news. The positive is that VIPKID approved my appeal and I can start teaching classes again. I still think I’m going to wait out the rest of the month and I think when I start again I’m only going to work Friday and Saturday nights. Those are China’s Saturday and Sunday mornings. I won’t be able to spend that time with Jesse and the boys, but it gives me all the rest of the week and I won’t have to get up early. It’s been so nice having evenings with Jesse after the boys are down for the night. We’ve been exercising and watching TV.

I looked around online and found a place for us to refi Jesse’s personal student loans and it’s almost a 2.5% drop in APR! I figure we can take that money and put it toward groceries and then any extra money I get throughout the month from online sales or notary services I can put toward paying down the credit card. What that means is *technically* I don’t have to work and we can still survive! Of course, I’d like to contribute financially as well, but we won’t go hungry if I have a short month. Huzzah!

I’ve been meal planning this past week and it’s been very successful. To date this week we’ve had steak and broccoli, taco salad, meatballs and spaghetti squash, and last night we had parmesan crusted tilapia, shrimp, and roasted cauliflower. Today was leftovers and tomorrow is brined baked chicken thighs and green beans.

With meal planning I can try to get the most out of the vegetables because I’m actually purchasing what I need for the week. I went shopping a couple days ago to purchase what I’d need for the week and it was $20 for the veggies. $20 for VEGETABLES! Eating healthy is expensive. Then again, it will last us the week so when you break it down per meal it’s probably not that bad.

We are lucky enough that we have a lot of different proteins in the freezer (and more coming that’s been pre-paid) that really it’s just fruits and veggies, and then the off type of thing like cheese or toilet paper. So in reality we could probably get by on under $100 a month for groceries. That is the plan, at least. I’ve never really had to budget for food before. It’s a new experience.