Yawns galore

That must have been my millionth yawn today.  I am soooo sleepy!  I woke up several times last night and when I fell back to sleep slept very lightly.  I DID NOT want to go to work today, but I get an occurrence if I miss a day and so many of those leads to getting fired.  I’m trying to save them up for when I really need them, not just because I’m tired, so I in fact went to work today.  And almost fell asleep on the drive in.  Will possibly be going to bed before midnight tonight.

Our poor puppies have to wear their cones for a full other week!  We had taken off their cones on the eighth night instead of waiting the full 10 days because they seemed to be leaving their sutures alone but the next day Benny’s left back foot was irritated (there goes yawn one million and one) and upon closer inspection looked like he had popped a suture.  I called the vet and they said to bring him in.  Once I got there the vet berated me (nicely) about taking off the e-collar too soon.  Apparently Benny had been working on his foot for awhile and tugged out a suture and licked the incision open again.  Now both puppies are back in their collars for another week!  Luca’s business was looking ok but we didn’t want to take any chances, so he got the collar as well.  They hate the collars and we hate the collars; those bitches are sharp and the dogs unwittingly use them as battering rams.  I think the bruises my legs are from them.  They’ve knocked down Ez a fair few times and anytime he is near the stairs I think they are going to send him flying.  It’s gotten to the point where if Ezra is on the floor (just walking or whatever) and he seems the puppies coming he immediately falls to the ground and gets in the fetal position.  The puppies, of course, then mug him.  We will all be happy when the pups are all healed and no longer wearing the e-collars.

We celebrated Ezra’s third birthday a few days early and had some family over to share the evening with, so that was nice.  Ezra loves it when his cousins come over and I love it because they are so good with him…and also because they wear him out!  I just do not have the stamina to play chase games like I did when I was young.

When we had the rabbits I had to go out there every evening to feed and water them and I’d collect the chicken eggs while I was in the area.  Ever since I got rid of the rabbits I haven’t been out there, so it’s been up to Jesse to go gather eggs when he takes care of the chickens.  The chickens are fairly self sufficient, or at least they are for a few days, which means we don’t collect eggs but every third or fourth day now, so it always looks like a mountain of eggs when Jesse brings them in.

Sometimes I think we should just live off eggs instead of buying meat, but eggs get old really quickly and I can only eat so much quiche in a week.  Speaking of quiche, we’ve made a deal with my sister where she will make us pie crusts and we will trade her eggs for them.  Seems like a good barter to me.

One of the blogs I read was saying she wanted to live off her own animals and produce for 2015, just buying things like toilet paper and gas, stuff like that.  I think it’s a noble endeavor.  I also think if I tried that my family would starve.  Maybe someday I will be able to meal plan and figure out what to do with the garden produce.  I watch YouTube videos of home canners and they have wall upon wall of canned goods and while I’m very envious of it, I also think that’s an enormous amount of time spent canning corn (for example) when I can just go to Costco and get a 12-pack.  I do recognize that there is a difference in quality and a satisfaction in knowing that was *your* food, but I’m a lazy girl.

Speaking of the garden, the tomatoes are still ripening and are delicious.  We’ve given a lot of them to the chickens when the tomatoes start to go bad, but we don’t seem to get enough of them at once time to make any big batches of anything.  I planted pickling cucumbers this year and harvested the veg but didn’t actually do anything with them, they are all still sitting on my kitchen floor in a paper bag.  I’ll probably give them to the chickens sometime soon.

Recovering puppies

Our puppies were recently neutered and had their dew claws removed, so they are currently in a recovery stage.  Our vet was very clear that their e-collars need to stay on for the full 10 days and told us horror stories of what would happen should those collars come off any sooner.  Luca’s collar was kind of mangled after one day but Jesse rigged it to work properly.  However, when I got up Thursday morning, the cone was hanging by one threaded section and somehow he had gotten his left front leg through the neck area.  I couldn’t get him untangled so finally just cut the damn thing off.

I caught him licking his feet a couple times but it didn’t seem obsessive.  I kind of wanted to just leave him without the e-collar, but mindful of the vet’s orders I went to PetSmart and got another one.  I actually bought two of them because Benny’s was looking pretty ragged.  $16.99 each!  Stinkin’ pricey dogs!  Of course, when I got the collars home I discovered they weren’t large enough.  They fit around the neck just fine (they are adjustable) but Luca’s snout exceeded the length of the collar which kind of defeated the whole point unless I just wanted him to wear it as a fashion statement.  Which I didn’t.

I went out to ice cream with Velvet last night and it occurred to me that we were in the same shopping mall area for the pet store and that I should have brought the collars with me so we could return them!  Dang it!  We decided to go to the store anyway and I bought the largest size e-collar…$22!  I only bought one this time because I wanted to make sure it was going to fit properly.  Even though Luca hates wearing it, I’m happy to say it does fit correctly and we can sleep sound knowing the pups cannot chew off their sutures.  Now I just need to take the other two smaller collars back and get a larger cone for Benny and we’ll be all set.



The day of the puke

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?  We got a call Monday night to see if we could bring the dogs to the vet’s office the next day because they had some cancellations.  I wanted the dogs to get neutered sooner rather than later and I had Tuesday off work, so we were able to go for it.

We had to get up early in order to get to the vet’s by 7:30am; I had Jesse help me with the pups because they are about 40 lbs each now and are quite the handful.  Luca hates getting into the car regardless of where we are going so we had to hoist him into the back of the Subaru while Benny just jumped right in and off we went.

We arrived early so kind of walked around with the dogs for a bit and worked on some leash training.  I’m thinking the dogs are very smart and probably could be great on the leash if we only trained them.  Need to work on that still.

We finally went in to meet the vet and discussed removing dew claws as well.  He didn’t want to remove them but when we told them we were taking the dogs hiking and camping he agreed to remove the back claws.  He was very sure to impress that we needed to keep the e-collars on the dogs for the full 10 days.  Our pups were super subdued when they were led away.  We also need to work on socialization, I guess.  It was a pretty relaxed day after that.  Jesse went to school, Ezra and I hung out, pretty chill.

That same day, I needed to pick up the puppies between 4-6pm.  I put Ezra down for a nap and in the meantime got rid of our remaining three rabbits.  I had posted them on our local classifieds site and a woman and her daughter came and got them.  Apparently they turn the rabbits loose in their yard to keep the grass down so they don’t have to mow it.  Whatever works, huh?  So now we don’t have any rabbits.

Ezra woke up from his nap crying like crazy.  He couldn’t tell me where anything hurt and he was super hot so I just assumed he’d sweltered under his two blankets he insists on covering with and had a bad dream.  It took him forever to settle down, and eventually it was time to go get the pups.  Ezra started crying again when I was getting him dressed and while he was sitting on the stairs getting his shoes on, proceeded to vomit all over his shirt, shorts, tablet device, teddy bear, and stairs.  And this made him cry all the harder.

Now, Ezra didn’t puke all that much as a baby and doesn’t throw up all that often as a general rule which is great because I HATE CLEANING UP PUKE.  I’ll do it, but it grosses me out.  I got Ezra cleaned up and in a cool bath to try to bring down his temperature and in the meantime texted Jesse to see if he could pick up the pups on his way back from school.  After about 20 minutes I decided that I had to go get the dogs because I was not going to pay to board them overnight.

Ezra was more calm then so I got him dressed again and in the car and over to the vet’s office.  We sat their for awhile waiting for the dogs and then they brought out Benny who was ever so excited to see us!

Jesse called me then and at that time Ezra started to look uncomfortable and like he was going to start crying again, so I figure another puke was imminent and I hung up on Jesse.  I told the office ladies I’d be back for Luca in a moment, but at that time an assistant was bringing him out.  She had to carry him because he WOULD NOT walk with that cone on his head.  Benny’s cone kept bumping the ground but at least he was making an effort.

Finally all dogs and children were loaded into the car, and we made it home in pretty good time.  I got Ez out of the car and opened the house and he collapsed over the threshold, crying crying crying.  Jesse made it home when I was getting Ezra upstairs.  Ezra proceeds to vomit on the couch, luckily it was on a blanket.  He totally doesn’t get the concept of a bucket or garbage or toilet.  I got him cleaned up and went to go get the dogs out of the car.  They were excited to be home but kind of out of it, so we just put them in their crates and called it good.

About an hour later I tried to give Ez some fever meds and finally get a little sip down him and he puked again, this time all over himself and the couch.  I scream down the stairs to Jesse, “A little help here!” and Jesse comes running up to take care of Ezra while I cleaned off the couch.

Luckily after that last episode his fever went down and he was just mellow for the rest of the night and fell asleep around 7:30pm.  Jesse and I were a little worried we’d catch whatever he had, but both of us feel ok so far, so fingers crossed it was just a 24-hr bug.  It was a long day.

Pointy-elbowed kid

Ezra has the cutest dimples on his elbows.  With elbow dimples, you’d think his arms and elbows would be all soft and squishy.  I am here to tell you THAT IS NOT THE CASE!  When I’m playing Castle Clash on my tablet, he likes to watch.  He will snuggle up next to me, and then he wants to get closer to the action.  What does he do?  He uses his elbows as leverage!  He puts all his weight on those sharp little elbows to hoist himself up and about, and I’m yelling, “Ouch!  Ezra, off!  Ouuuuuuuch!”  He says, “Sorry, mommy” in such a cute voice, it’s seriously adorable.  But that does not make up for my bruised boob and stomach!  Ok, so he hasn’t left bruises yet, but I’m pretty sure that’s because the damage is too deep to show.

Jesse and I had a great date night the other evening wherein we ground up 10 lbs of chicken legs and then various beef organs.  Ok, so it wasn’t a date night so much as a gruesome chore than needed to be done so the cats wouldn’t starve, but still, it was quality time spent together.  At one point some beef heart shot out of the grinder holes across the floor, onto the fridge, spraying Jesse and me on its route.  Good times.  BTW, if you are grinding beef organs you should use your hand or something to block sprayage.  A little lesson from me to you.  We upped the meat content this time around.  Last time the bulk was made up with just chicken leg quarters, but we figured maybe that was too much bone content.  The cats seem less enthusiastic about this mix, but that could be for a variety of reasons.  They are still eating it, so that’s good.

Jesse cleaned up a bunch of sunflowers from the garden and put it in the chicken run area, and they seemed to approve of it.  He also cleaned up some cherry tomato plants.  These were the volunteer plants from last year that we just allowed to grow.  I like cherry tomatoes, but usually just with salads.  Really, probably one hearty cherry tomato plant could take care of our needs but instead we had a bunch of them.  I haven’t scoped out the newly cleared area yet, but I’m sure it’s awesome.

We’ve been talking about getting out of rabbits for awhile now, and yesterday I finally reached out to the guy I bought our chocolate rex rabbit from to see if he wanted the buck back.  I haven’t heard back from him yet, but I’ll give him a week before I’m putting all three rabbits on KSL and just give them away to whoever wants them.  As much as I’d like to keep them for us to eat as well as for dog food, they just aren’t worth the cost.  If we had a fodder system in place or did more forage for their food, maybe.  And maybe we’ll be in a place sometime where the grass grows on its own so we can have them in rabbit tractors on the grass to eat their fill.  Maybe.

Why does food call to me so?

What is it about deciding to eat healthier and smaller portions that turns me into a raging food monster?  Seriously, I had a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese (which ok, is not exactly healthy) and a glass of milk for breakfast and I’m already hungry!  Although, now that I look at the time, it is noon so it’s been four hours since breakfast…I guess that’s about right after all.  Now I don’t feel so bad.

Seriously, though, it’s hard to pack my lunch at home because what will most likely sustain me just looks like so little food!  I love food, I revel in food, and to not have food on hand freaks me out.  Because what if I get hungry at work?!  I’ll be without foooood.  And when I bring extra food, it’s always like well, I have extra food, can’t let that go waste.  It’s a difficult mindset to get out of.

Speaking of food, I cut up and brought two tomatoes to work today.  Our tomatoes are so awesome.  I always thought I hated tomatoes on sandwiches and burgers because they turn all soggy and are way bland – it turns out that while our tomatoes make sandwiches soggy as well, they taste so amazing that the sandwich itself usually doesn’t last too long.  So it all works out.