Those damn dogs (and a company Christmas party)

The other night I was unable to sleep because of this wretched cold I’m still fighting, so I got up (again) and decided to pack up some items I had sold.  In the kitchen, I hear the dogs softly chewing on something.  None of their chew toys should be that quiet so I investigated.  Benny had pulled Ezra’s almost-new sweatpants off the stair railing and was chewing on it!  He had chewed off one entire leg.  It looked like someone was trying to make some short-shorts.  I took the pants away and threw them out but couldn’t find the legs.  Blasted dogs!  They have so many chew toys, but they take them out over the course of the day and don’t bring them back inside so they chew on things they shouldn’t.

After I went to bed again, I had to get up again and saw something dark on the hallway floor.  It was the leg of the pants so I picked it up and threw it away.  Then there was something white on the floor so I picked it up and dropped it immediately because it was a cold, sodden mess.  Turns out it was one of Ezra’s old socks.  You guessed it; they had torn it into a couple pieces so I threw those out as well.  Not sure how they even got that sock since I’ve been throwing out his old pairs.  At least it wasn’t one of the new pairs of socks I guess.

This morning, Jesse said because we hadn’t closed the bathroom door that they got to the rest of the bath toys (having demolished a few bath toys earlier in the week) and the rubber bath mat.  Also, there are some shoes in a cubby box holder downstairs and they chewed on multiple pairs of shoes.  Bad dogs!

They look deceptively sweet, don't they?

They look deceptively sweet, don’t they?

Velvet and I were invited to the company party last night, so we brought our respective spouses with us and the nieces watched Ezra for us.  He loves it when his cousins come to visit.

The trip into town went great until we actually headed into downtown.  Luckily I was able to see a huge line of traffic on the I15 so took a different off ramp than I was planning.  Once we were actually in the downtown area, it probably took about a half hour to go about four blocks.  I was so pissed by the time we parked.  Turns out the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was joined by the cast of Sesame Street and that was a HUGE event for Salt Lake.  Stupid traffic.

The food was great this year, mashed potatoes, amazing prime rib with mushroom topping, great carrots (“great” not being something I usually attribute to a vegetable) with a light au jus on the bottom of the plate.  The entertainment was extremely lackluster, however.  It was a singing comedian and I do not think I laughed once, he was really awful.  It made us wonder aloud if the company had held auditions or if this guy was a nephew of someone.  It was bad.

The husbands didn’t want to stay too long after that so Velvet and I sent them home together and stayed for another hour or so to dance and chat with friends.  It was a fun night, and I like being able to dress up and look all fancy once in awhile.  Good times!

holiday party

ready for the holiday party

Velvet and Carl at the holiday party

Velvet and Carl at the holiday party


This cold can suck it

I freaking hate colds, really I do.  Not that anyone really likes them, right?  But I’m especially hating colds right now.  I came home from work last Thursday and overnight just started feeling really crappy.  I called out on Friday, and I haven’t been back to work since.  I do have to go in again on Saturday because I basically won’t have any PTO left, not because I’m feeling better.

I left the house for the first time on Wednesday because I still had to get shoes for my company’s Christmas party.  It made me tired just getting dressed, but I was able to find shoes so I guess it was a win.  I am doing everything I can to kick this thing; homemade elderberry syrup, lemon/ginger/honey mix, fermented garlic, kombucha, and heavy doses of vitamin C but I still don’t feel much better than when this thing started last week.  The confounding thing is colds don’t usually hit me this hard.  The only thing that is different now is that I’m pregnant.  So I’m going to blame this all on the baby.  Thanks a lot, baby.

I think parents do a disservice to daughters by not teaching them how to spit properly.  TMI alert, but my step-dad is a crazy-good hocker of lugies and that talent would come in handy when one has a cold.  I think that’s why I still have this cold, because I cannot get rid of all this crap hanging out in my throat.  I’m hoping this is the only cold of the year because I literally cannot afford to get sick again.  If I had a regular desk job, I could have been coming in to work, probably, but I have a phone job and if I talk too long I get these crazy bouts of coughing.  Also, I cannot sleep at night, so a few times I’ve gotten up around 3:30am and just hung out on the couch and lightly dozed before coughing myself awake again.  Good times, I tell you.

Jesse’s been talking about getting rid of one of the dogs, probably Luca because Benny is good in the car and we want to be able to take the dogs with us when we go places.  We could probably train Luca out of his nervousness, but we are lazy trainers.  In any event, I can see logic to Jesse’s argument of having less dogs so I finally said OK that we could get rid of Luca.  Jesse contacted a friend to get the ball rolling on someone who may be interested in the pup, but after about an hour I decided I just couldn’t do it and Jesse had to contact his friend to tell him nevermind.  The way I see it, Luca can be a house dog and Benny can be a travel dog.  They are both generally good dogs, though they can definitely use more training.  We are still planning on getting rid of some of the hens, though.  Maybe I’ll put up that ad tonight.

In other news, the baby is doing well.  We had a gender check last week and results came back that we are having another boy!  I’m excited because I know boys, but I’m a little disappointed because it would have been fun to have one of each.  Now we get to start thinking about baby names!  Jesse probably won’t get in on the act for months, though.  I’m a little nervous because my Dr. said boys are usually larger than girls, so I’m hoping this doesn’t affect my chances of a VBAC.  Fingers crossed!