‘Tis the season…for cold remedies. Because we have colds.

*sigh*  I have a cold.  I blame Ezra, as he was the first to succumb, and who can help but kiss and cuddle on sick kiddos?  I got it next and I missed two days of work because of it, including the company holiday party last night.  I was so bummed!  It was a Black and White 20s-style Gala, and it was going to be a fun-filled date night full of buffets, and dancing, and casino games.  Instead of was a night of nose-blowing and taking elderberry tonic every couple hours and feeling grimy from greasy chest rub.  Leo seems to have come down with it as well, but appears fairly mild so far.

I was on my Facebook a couple days ago and one of the “memories” they remind you of was from a blog I had posted exactly one year ago, and it was all about having a cold (that had turned into walking pneumonia).  Apparently this is the time of year I get sick.  Awesome.

Aside from dealing with colds, it’s been a very mild winter so far.  Mom came to town for a couple days in November.  It was great seeing her and always too short a visit.  I’ve been baking pretty frequently.

Coconut-cream-filled chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache:

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Pumpkin spice cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting:


Banana bread with cream cheese layer:


Butterscotch pudding from scratch:

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We cooked the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner:


Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and coconut cream filling:

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I made a chocolate pudding from scratch as well but it was eaten too fast to get any photos.  The butterscotch pudding was VERY good, but extremely sweet.  It called for scotch in the recipe and you could definitely still taste that in the finished product, but it wasn’t enough to get anyone drunk or anything.

We have started Ezra on ice skating lessons.  The first lesson he was excited for it, then didn’t want to do it, and then excited for it again.  When we got to the rink they gave him those really thin-walled skates so it seemed a little difficult to hold his ankles steady.  We eventually were able to swap them out for some thicker skates and I think that helped.  I think he was just a little overwhelmed with the whole thing.  He really liked the ice, liked scooting on it with hands and knees but had NO interest in learning how to stand or move on it.  It would have been very funny if I hadn’t been so embarrassed about it.  Whenever the instructor would hold him up, he would go limp like he had no muscles.  Or he would let his legs slide out from under him like a pendulum.  Eventually the lady was like, “I’m really sorry but he’s killing my back, I cannot keep holding him up,” and I was all “No worries, go help the other kids.”  Near the end of the session he was standing on the ice, and they had brought over this “walker” to stabilize him.  It was kind of like an old person walker, but in miniature.  He was so proud of himself when he was able to get from one side of the lane to the other.  He was supposed to have another class this past Thursday but we received an email that it was cancelled because the rink had been rented out.  Um, ok…I paid good money to reserve that portion of the rink every Thursday for seven weeks, no sure how they can just bump everyone and take more money from another source, but whatever.  So, he hasn’t had a second lesson yet.  He was very verbal in his praise after the first lesson, though, so hopefully he will continue to enjoy them.

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Jesse and I have talked for months, over a year actually, about finding Luca a new home.  I reached out to a rescue group here in Salt Lake that I admired and they sent someone out to the house to do an evaluation.  Well, she brought her dog into the house and our dogs went crazy and Luca rushed her dog and so she said that he had aggression issues and the rescue sent an email saying they wouldn’t take him because he was too high risk.  Really?  So what, you only rescue puppies?  I would hazard to say most dogs are going to be territorial when another dog comes into their domain.  But Luca had calmed down after a few minutes and didn’t go after her dog again so for her to make a big deal out of a little thing seemed weird to me.  I was pretty mad about it, actually.  The rescue suggested I look into the humane society or I get a trainer to come work with him.  That was probably one of the dumbest things they could have responded with; if I wanted to drop him at a kill station, I would have done so and not reached out to a rescue program.  If I could afford to hire a personal trainer to work with him, I wouldn’t be trying to find him a new home.  Idiots.

I then put him up on KSL Classifieds and I received one text about him but no follow-up interest.  I was pretty much resigned to keeping him, and he is a good dog so it wouldn’t have been too big to deal with, but then one of my coworkers suddenly had to have one of their dogs put to sleep and immediately needed a companion dog for their remaining dog.  I told him about Luca and he came over to check him out.  He brought his dog as well and while our dogs rushed his dog, my friend didn’t freak out about it.  We kept a close eye on things and everyone sniffed each other and calmed down.  Luca went home with him that night and as far as I know it’s a match made in heaven.  Fingers crossed it remains that way.  Now we just have Benny and for a day or two he would kind of wander around like he was looking for Luca, but I don’t notice him actively missing him.  And you know what I don’t miss?  The rough play and fighting.  It’s been blissfully quiet on the dog front.


I came into the kitchen two nights ago and Ezra was obviously up to shenanigans because he looked at me and told me I shouldn’t be in the kitchen.  I told him, I’m just here to get a drink.  After a couple minutes I noticed he had not moved at all from his spot and when I looked at him he had this sad look on his face.  When I asked him what was wrong he ran out of the room and then then came back in and said he didn’t want his drink!  Apparently he had mixed some soda with chocolate milk.  I said ok, just dump it out if you don’t want it, no biggie.  He started to stormily cry and when I asked what was wrong he said, “I thought you wouldn’t love it!  I thought you wouldn’t love it that I mixed my drinks!”  It took me a minute, but he was crying because he thought I was going to get all mad at him that he had mixed his drinks when he  knew he shouldn’t have done that.  It was kind of funny because to me it was more, well, now you don’t have chocolate milk or soda, so whatever.  But he must have had so many feelings going on they just had nowhere to go.  It’s rough being a kid, huh?  I picked him up and cuddled him for a bit and let him know all was well.