Ride, captain ride, upon your mystery ship

Jesse took the boys camping for the weekend, so I have the house to myself for a couple days!  It’s nice to have the peace and quiet but it also means I wig myself out that I’m going to be stabbed to death by an intruder.  My only solace is that nobody else is home so they would continue to live on, whereas if everybody was home we’d all die.  Sunny thoughts, I know.  Also, Benny freaks out whenever anything attempts the dog door so I think that would probably alert me to any shenanigans.  These are the thoughts I comfort myself with when it’s time to sleep.  And that is what I worry about when I’m alone at night, intruders and zombies.  Or intruding zombies.  It’s sixes either way.

Exciting news!  I interviewed for and scored a new position at eBay!  Currently I do tech support for the listing tools, and now I’m moving to MSO which is support for our very-large-volume members.  I’m pretty excited for this new position, I think it’ll open up a wealth of new learning opportunities for me.  One of my coworkers mentioned we’d been in this department for over four years now, and I was like, no, it’s been about two years.  But in reality, I moved to the listing tools department a few months after Ezra was born, so it *HAS* been over four years!  Crazy, right?!  I guess that’s a sign of a good department and a good manager when you forget how long you’ve been in one place.

I had Velvet cut off all my hair the other night.  That’s right, I went full mohawk again.

mohawk 2016

mohawk 2016

I figured it was time.  Also I was bored with my hair, and cutting it off seems to be my MO.  After she cut off my hair, Velvet touched up Kate’s mohawk, and then did a side cut on Grace.  We’re all cooling off for the summer!  I’m trying to decide if I think my top is a little long, or if I want to grow out the top and then do a poofy/bouffant style with the length.  The trouble is, it will probably take at least a year to grow into that length (if not longer) and how am I supposed to style it in the meantime?  I will probably end up cutting it shorter.  I’m so glad Jesse doesn’t seem to mind when I do this.  With a less feminine hairstyle I do feel like I need to wear makeup, so I’m having to get into the swing of eyeshadow and liner again.  Good times!

I had great plans to do some training sessions with Benny last night since no one else was going to be around.  Do you think I followed through?  No, I did not.  Instead I contemplated vacuuming the house but didn’t do that either.  I settled for binge-watching The Mindy Project and did the dishes.

It’s story time!

We’ve been reading to Ezra at bedtime pretty regularly for quite awhile now.  Recently we gave him some “learning to read” books that Jesse had from his time as a teaching aide.  At least, I think that’s where he got them.  Or maybe Mary gave them to us…  In any event, we’ve been reading these new books, which are very similar to slim manuals, at night.  On the back page there are about four comprehension questions that we ask him and he is really good at answering them!

The books are numbered and the lower numbers are really basic stories and concepts while the upper double-digits are much more complex.  He’s pretty good at answering the questions from either side of the spectrum, although sometimes he needs a little prodding.  Last night after we were finished he said, “Aren’t you so impressed with me, mom?” and I kissed him and told him I was always impressed with him.  He’s not really hurting for confidence but I think it’s important to always bolster that confidence because you know there’s going to be a time he’s less than confident and he’ll need something he can think back to and feel good about.

Ezra is awesome about sharing.  He always wants to share treats with us, or his brother, or his cousins (who he may not see for a couple days so he always wants to store his concoctions in the freezer for them until he sees them again).  He’s getting into building with his lego blocks and is getting pretty solid at playing by himself and making up themes and stories to go along with his games.

A couple nights ago Ezra decided he wanted to tell us a story, so he told us about Fairy Wishland, where there were one million fairies and they gave three wishes each.  At first he said that you could only get three wishes total, and not three from each fairy.  We asked what his three wishes would be, and I don’t recall his first wish (I know it was something amusing), but I remember he wanted a salami house (literally a house made out of salami), and then an ice cream house.  We told him he’d have to keep the ice cream house at the North Pole so it wouldn’t melt.  He said if it *did* melt we would lick it off ourselves to get clean.  Then he changed his tune and said we could have three wishes from every fairy.  We tried to explain the wishes wouldn’t be as precious then, but that didn’t seem to bother him.

Ezra went in for his first dental checkup on Thursday.  He was a little apprehensive so I had him watch me get mine done first and then he went off to his own chair like a champ.  He does have two cavities that will need to be filled, and our dentist’s brother is a pediatric dentist in the same building so we were sent over there to schedule an appointment to get those cavities taken care of.  I feel bad that we didn’t implement a strict tooth-brushing regime until about two months ago but it is what it is and I cannot change it now.  Leopold has teeth, we should probably get started on a brushing routine for him as well.  As an aside, I still have no cavities!  (I have a couple “shadows” and “pre-cavities” but those have been there for ages and are hardly worth mentioning, right?)

Back at work…again

A little late with this post.  I had the best intentions to blog during the parental leave I had, but you know, life gets in the way and lots of things happened and now I’d be hard pressed to describe in detail anything that occurred.  I know we hung out with Velvet and her brood a bunch.


I can say that mom came to visit for awhile, we visited dad at some point, I had some Amazon sales.  You know, just life.  So let’s just say the sabbatical was great, and I am very grateful to eBay for them to give me the leave.

Leo just turned one on Monday.  He’s such a big, happy boy!  Mom and Jim made it for a couple days and it was great seeing them.

13226680_10153511753505264_813269945481258688_n 13240726_10153511753885264_9179580424620542621_n

Leo had his first haircut while mom was here.  His fringe was over his ears and he was tugging at it all the time.  It’s a bit more trimmed now, but it’s not like he had a lot to begin with.

Leo's first haircut

Leo’s first haircut

We’re supposed to go to Oregon in August for the Baugher reunion but I don’t know if I will have the time off built up to take it.  Right now I’m hoarding all PTO to use for our Disneyland/Salisbury reunion happening in June.

Jesse started his first day of his internship this past Monday.  It seems like he really likes it and enjoys going to work every day.  I think he’d probably like it better if he didn’t have to be there at 8am, but all in all it seems a good fit.

We seeded a portion of our backyard with grass in an effort to change it from a dirt pit to something more livable.  We did get grass to grow, but we also have a lot of weeds that decided our freshly manicured dirt was a good place to get a grip.



We will be using weed killer pretty soon (which I hate to do but we need to get a handle on this yard) and then will probably seed more grass after the weeds die out.  I look forward to a day where Ezra and Leo can play in the backyard and not come inside caked with mud.

We are down to four hens.  Jesse found the buff dead in the chicken area one night, no marks on it so we think it just died of natural causes.  The other girls seem fine and are laying eggs for us like crazy.  We have opened up the rest of the yard, the part we didn’t seed with grass, to have them help combat the weeds and they are in heaven!  They are out early every morning, just clucking and scratching around.  The larger area of the yard was meant to be the garden area but we’ve been slow to get any raised beds in this year.  Who knows if that will actually happen.  Baby steps.

We weeded a good portion of the front yard and you can actually see the garden bed dirt again!  I have plans to pretty much rip out everything from the beds by the house and start over but that may need to wait until the fall.  Jesse wants me to save the bulbs and some other flowering plants so I’m not quite sure what I want to do there.

We bought a treadmill and I actually used it!…for about three weeks.  It’s probably been over a month now since I last used it.  I will start using it again, I will.  I was having some really strong foot pain and that seems to have dissipated so it’s probably safe to start again.  I think it’s a real shame there isn’t more plus-size active wear.  It’s very hard to prepare and to be motivated when nothing fits.  I was in Kohl’s the other day and I literally could not find active wear above an XL.

Benny has been doing pretty well.  We’ve been testing leaving him out at night and during the day when we’re gone.  So far, so good.  We still have to make sure we’ve closed all the bedroom and bathroom doors.  Yesterday I came home to find he had brought two different shoes of mine upstairs.  Luckily he hadn’t chewed on them, but I don’t even want to tempt him.  We didn’t use to make him wear his collar unless we went to the dog park but we’ve been leaving that on him now that he has range outside of his crate.  I don’t think he can get out of the yard, but on the off chance that he does I want people to be able to contact us to come get him.


Joline is still the only cat around the house though I am still determined to get a couple kittens this fall.  I think it would help Benny get associated with cats, and it’d be nice to have cats that don’t freak out at the sight of a dog.  Jojo pretty much only comes in now to eat and then leaves again.  She used to come in at night when Benny was in his crate but now that he’s been free at night she has been sleeping outside instead.

Conversation while I was driving with Ezra:

Ezra: Why is there blood in the body?
Me: Because it helps carry oxygen to our organs.
E: What are organs?
Me: Like the heart, lungs, liver, they help make the body work.
E: Like my balls make my penis work!
M: I, uh, (laughing), yes, like your balls make your penis work.

Figured it wasn’t really time to explain anatomy.

I’ve been playing around with new recipes for the soap company.  I’ve created several new soaps and I’m trying to master bubble bars and bath bombs.  I have the bath bombs down pretty well, except they keep expanding overnight while they are drying.  I may need to invest in a dehumidifier.  The bubble bars are completely beyond me at the moment.  The recipes I’ve tried aren’t pliable enough, they are extremely crumbly and won’t hold the rolled log shape.  The product itself works well enough, it creates a lot of bubbles for the bubble bath but I want to be able to mold it in the log and cut slices out of it!  I am also looking into making foaming bath truffles.  I may just say screw it to the bubble bars and do the truffles instead as they both create a bubble bath.

I’m trying to get on some sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, etc., to offer a discount on our products.  I figure even if I just break even it’d be good networking and should bring in a whole new set of buyers.  Fingers crossed!

Ezra and Leo are the best of friends.  They love playing with each other, it melts my heart!