Sorry kid, you can’t marry mom

This morning Ezra came down to our bedroom and as we were talking he told me it was too bad I was already married to Jesse, because he (Ezra) wanted to marry me.  I spent some time telling him how much I loved him but that mommies and kids can’t marry each other.

He then told me he bet our next baby was going to be soooo cute, and I had to tell him we were done with just the two of them.  Next he said that if we had a baby together it would be the cutest baby ever.  It was a loving (if slightly awkward) conversation.  After which when we got upstairs he proceeded to have a mini meltdown because he DID NOT WANT the one piece of bacon he had just begged for five minutes ago.

It must be so rough to be a five-year-old, all those emotions running around that you don’t know how to deal with.  I tell you, it’s all sunshine or frustration these days.  We’ve been having a heck of a time getting Ezra to get ready for bed these past couple weeks.  He won’t go to the bathroom, he doesn’t want to brush his teeth, etc.  So far our response has been to give him time and then after a bit start imposing consequences like loss of his tablet or Minecraft.  The trouble is, in the moment he could give a shit about the consequences.  He’s sure he won’t miss playing Minecraft the next day until it’s the next day and he’s so sad because he can’t play his video game.

I went online to get some ideas about how to handle this and one of the ideas is to create a star chart.  So, every time he does a “chore”, he gets a star.  Every time he doesn’t do as we ask, he gets a red dot.  That way it’s a very visual reminder of his behavior.  After he builds up so many stars he gets a special treat (not sure what that will be yet; Ezra’s suggestion was to get 10 fruit snack bags).  When I told Ezra about this last night he said, “My head is exploding!  My body is literally exploded!”  With excitement, I presume.  When I told him he could be the one to put the star on the chart I think he liked that best of all.  Now I just have to make it and get star and dot stickers.  Maybe a trip to the dollar store is in order.  Actually, I could get a ton of cheap little toys and he could pick from a “treasure chest” when he gets his treat.  Hmm…

About six months ago I bought a bunch of “learn to read” books on Amazon.  They are the kind that are actually used in kindergarten and first grade to get kids reading.  I finally opened one pack of books a couple days ago and spent some time reading one book to Ezra.  It is maybe 10 pages and very repetitive, “Cop Cat has a big hat.  Cop Cat’s hat fell down.  Cop Cat got his hat,” that kind of thing.  Well, I asked Ezra if he wanted to read to me and we got through the whole book.  I told him how proud of him I was and he was very proud of himself.  Last night after our story time I asked if he wanted to read that book to daddy and he was so excited to do it.  He got through the first page like a champ and we praised him like crazy.  He was so proud of himself, it was totally adorable.  He stumbled a bit over the next couple pages and it gets to a point where he knows kind of where the story is going so he doesn’t really read the words he just kind of makes up the story, but he’s definitely getting there.  We need to work with him on sounding out letters and paying attention to the letters at the end of works.  But all in all, I’m impressed.

At his parent-teacher meeting, his teacher told us how very smart he is.  Apparently his vocabulary is HUGE compared to the rest of the class, and he excels at math.  Such a bright boy.

Poor Leo is sick again.  He was feverish for a couple days and then seemed to be getting better (although now he has a very noticeable cold and hacking mucusy cough) but then he threw up again a couple more times.  I cannot tell if it’s a stomach bug or if he’s literally gagging on mucus and so he throws up.  I kind of think it’s the latter.  He has wanted to be cuddly the last couple of days and while I’m sorry he feels poorly I do love the cuddle time.  He threw up again last night all over his jammies so he and Ezra got a bath.  That is two bath times in three days.  Record!

We have put the landscaping on hold until spring on the advice of a landscaper.  That meant we had a wee bit of money to play around with so we ended up buying a new oven after all.  And just in time, too, because the front right burner decided to stop working the day after we bought the new range.  Of course, the new range won’t be delivered until mid December, so we have a bit of time left with our old oven.


Entertainment November

The theatre is so much fun!  Jesse, Paul, Velvet, and myself ate a lovely dinner at the Mi La Cai vietnamese restaurant beforehand and the food was very tasty.  We didn’t have to wait to get a table and our food was brought out pretty quickly.15079047_697935373695822_484782366556843477_n

We had a bit of time before the play started so we were going to walk around City Creek for a bit but by the time we actually parked and walked over to the theatre we decided to just go inside.  It was blustery that night and we saw no sense in walking around out there.

The Broadway at the Eccles theatre is very nice.  Tasteful coloring, good mix of glass windows and walls, and the seating encompassed the stage really well.  We sat in the first row of the uppermost tier.  Not quite in the middle but close.


The only thing about those kinds of seats is that come intermission so many people have to shuffle past to and from their seats.  Some random guy did compliment me on my dress, so that made me happy.  We all looked very snazzy in our best clothes.


This first play of the season was Beautiful: The Carol King Musical.  It was superb!  The lead actress did an amazing job as did the support staff.  The acoustics were great and the writing was snappy.  I had no idea Carol King wrote so many hits for other singers.  I believe the play is based on her book so I may have to read that now.

We were feeling peckish after the show so we hit up McDonald’s on the way home (what a way to finish a classy night, right?) and so finished up our decadent evening with burgers, nuggets, and fries.

The next night it was time for game night.  We had a really good crowd and a ton of fun.  We’ve decided to have game night start earlier in the evening so we have more time to spend together and we’ve also made it more of a potluck style instead of just snacks.  This time around it was hosted at our house and we made chicken kebobs with a creamy, cheesy spaghetti squash side.  All the kids ate pizza first and then trooped downstairs and did whatever it was they were doing.

15078511_10153941565900264_2299292164905413403_n 15036299_10153941565570264_6462431252468071243_n 15170912_10153941565825264_1914443435850924085_n

Mary had taken the boys earlier in the evening to get photos taken with the rest of the grandkids.  Apparently Leo was a pill and didn’t want to sit still, so that was too bad.  Oh well, maybe they will turn out better next year?

We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year and Velvet and her crew are coming over as well as Paul and his kids, and then Mary and Gerry as well.  It should be a full house!  We are going to smoke a chicken and roast a turkey, and then others will be bringing sides.

We have a new roof now!  We went with the Energy Star-rated shingles.  They are lighter, not a pure white but more of a light greyish white.  I think it looks very nice.  Now I need to pay for it….  We are still debating on landscapers although I think we’ve pretty much settled on one of them, and we’ll do half the work now and the rest in the spring.  That’s the plan at least.

Here are some cute photos of the boys:

15036613_10153937579595264_7090965385142217900_n 15055713_10153937579650264_8557106141542287505_n 15055800_10153940929185264_2766366230632141354_n 14937290_10153940929400264_6152124462525024011_n

House work

We refinanced our house not too long ago for more than what we owed so we could do some upgrades to the property.  First we installed a new central air unit and furnace.  This week we are getting a new roof put on (complete with Energy Star efficiency!) and now we are looking to get sprinklers installed and sod.

Let me tell you, installing sprinklers and sod is a PRICEY business!  I’m still waiting on quotes from a couple businesses but it looks like it’s going to be about $14k, which we don’t have.  We could do it piece meal and that could well be the way we decide to go, but Jesse also said that he and Dustin could probably do it between the two of them.

Two of the places said it would be $1200 just for yard clean up.  That’s right, our yard is such a total pit with debris that it would cost over $1k just for someone to get it ready to be prepped so it could be stripped of the weeds that are already there.  When Jesse heard that, he decided he could do a lot of the work himself.  And then he talked with the neighbors and they agreed to work for him for the day, so that was cool.  I mean, we’ll pay them, but it will be nice for Jess to have help.

There is so much work to be done, it’s insane.  From what a couple of the guys said, we still have a bit more time able to lay sod before it gets too cold, but it’s pushing it.  We may end up just getting the soil ready and maybe laying the pipes and then do the sod in the spring.  Not quite sure about that yet.

I think we’re also going to have a strip of the backyard where it’s just bark chips.  We’ll put the trampoline over there and then any other playground equipment we get or maybe some raised garden beds, who knows.


The aftermath

11.1.16 – Oh man.  I ate SO MUCH CANDY on Halloween.  I started the day all virtuous like and then a coworker brought a bunch of candy goodies and chocolate fountains and it all went to shit from there.  I decided to give myself the day and I reveled in the absolute gluttony of it all.  I totally felt like puking later in the evening, but the before time was nice.  Ezra had a good haul, not a huge amount but enough for a five year old.  We’re parceling out candy a bit at a time into his lunches and he thinks he’s living the good life.  We totally forgot to take photos of him in the Kylo Ren costume so I have to have him dress up again today and send photos to mom.

I was back in the keto saddle the next day and aside from going up to 251 lbs again, I’m feeling pretty good.

I’ve gotten our new van pretty much broken in.  I know what most of the buttons do now and we got the windshield fixed and the bluetooth module installed on the radio.  It’s a used Dodge Grand Caravan RT, in case I’ve never mentioned it before.  Jesse says it’s a good thing we got the RT model because it has better suspension.  I think that means he thinks I drive crazy.

I’ve been working with Benny on and off again.  He’s picking up cues again more quickly which is nice.  I’d like to take him to the dog park sometime soon, test him out in the van.  It’s so hard when Jesse and I have different days off because we can’t do those things together, but we make it work.

11.4.16 – Yesterday we did a bit of impromptu suit shopping after Jesse got home from work.  We checked out a couple places but ended up landing with Men’s Warehouse.  I never knew suits were so expensive!  My only knowledge of suits comes from Barney on How I Met Your Mother.  We lucked out that they were running a sale the next day for 40% off clearance (which they gave to us that night).  My honey looks good in suits!  He was so sharp and racy in them:)  They have to be tailored a bit and will be ready about two days before our first night at the theatre, so that was good timing.  We also bought Jesse a great new overcoat.  When he had everything on together he was straight-on model style.  *growl*  All in all it was a pretty penny so we probably won’t be getting a new oven after all but that’s ok.  There’s nothing so horribly wrong with our current oven.

I had another decking company come out yesterday to give us quotes on updating the deck.  I guess they’ll get back to us sometime early next week.  The only issue is they wouldn’t be able to get us in until Feb-March, some time around then.  And, they are the only quote we’ve got, so I need to round up some more players.

11.7.16 – I have even MORE decking people coming out this week, and a few landscaping companies as well.  One of the decking places actually does landscaping, so we’ll get quotes from them on that, too.

We were driving to get some coral for the fish tank the other night and Jesse had the GPS app on his phone running.  Ezra was sitting behind the driver and was watching the arrow move on the app.  He saw two golden arches coming up and said, “There are two McDonalds there!”  And I said, “That’s right!  You have some good eyesight!” (because those logos were small and he was sitting far away, and he says, “I have been eating TONS of carrots.”  Just all matter-of-fact.  Jesse and I cracked up laughing and then Ezra did, too.