Christmas came and went

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday.  I know I did!  I had a glorious five days off of work but really it felt like my usual two days off.  Dad and Dani came for the holiday and we went out to eat several times and also had great homemade meals.  Velvet, Paul, Jesse, myself, and a couple friends went to go watch “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” performed at our Eccles theatre.  It was really well done but I can see how it’d be a bit hard to follow if you didn’t already know the storyline.

Dani was in a flurry of activity which unfortunately caught up to her on the last day.  She was laid low and couldn’t get out of bed that final day so it was sad we weren’t able to see as much of her as we’d have liked.

Ezra got some fun games and furry slippers, money, and tons of candy.  Leo pretty much got similar items with some small differences.  I got Jesse a wireless headset to listen to music and he got me a beautiful pair of earrings.  All in all a great day.  Of course, candy and treats were had by all and I’ve been in a twilight state of wanting to vomit for about five days now.  Diet starts again in the new year, right?

img_6991 img_6993 img_7021 img_7018 img_7026 img_7038 img_7031 img_7059 img_7039 img_7063 img_7061

We wanted to go sledding on one of the days and also to see the lights at the zoo but the night we were going to see the lights it started raining pretty hard and no one wanted to walk in that, and then the day we wanted to go sledding it had snowed about 10+ inches and we weren’t certain we could get up the mountain.  So that still hasn’t happened.  It’s not often I feel the need to be outdoors in winter but I had been looking forward to those two activities.  *sigh*

We had the Whitaker Christmas party on Monday and I was able to attend for once!  I had that Monday off and we brought brined, smoked chicken that Jesse prepared and some store-bought desserts because we had totally forgotten we’d agreed to bring the treats and so hadn’t made any.  That chicken was frickin’ amazing.  Jesse is getting so good at preparing food on our smoker!  Mary and Gerry generously gave us all gifts and full stockings and the kids had a great time playing in the clubhouse with all the cousins.

We have been hit by package thieves this year.  We purchased a couple gift items from 3M at Jesse’s work and they never showed up so he looked into it and it turns out they were marked as delivered on the 12th.  Then last night he checked into our Amazon orders and we had a package delivered on the 12th that we never received, either.  I completely spaced that we had more Amazon packages coming and one of them held a game for the boys (Simon, that color pattern game).  Someone must have been following the UPS truck and stole them both.

Now we are looking into getting some security cameras to help deter or catch thieves in the act.  The prices range from really cheap to really expensive and it’s tough trying to find one that will be exactly what we need.  But we definitely need to get something in there and I think I’m going to buy one of those signs that make it very clear the house is under surveillance.

We’ve also decided to go back to dry kibble for the pets.  I truly think raw feeding is the best way to go but I am such a lazy owner and I don’t want to go through the hassle of making sure they are getting the right nutrients and proper vitamins.  We’ve selected high-quality kibble for them each (it may in fact be more expensive to feed them this food than the raw feeding) and it seems to be going ok so far.  Benny doesn’t seem to mind too much what he’s eating as long as he’s getting food.  Joline on the other hand is more picky. She did not finish her food tonight, not sure what’s going on there.

We purchased Benny a new slow feeder dog bowl as well.


Those things are awesome!  It prevents your pet from gulping down their food too quickly.  We timed Benny this morning and it took him a little over eight minutes to finish one cup of food (Dad, you should get one for Molly).  I didn’t time it this evening so I’m not sure if it took him the same amount of time but it seems like it still took a good 5+ to eat.  With a regular food dish it would be something like maybe one minute.

We’ve still been having a heck of a time with Ezra listening to us.  It’s so frustrating when it comes time to put him to bed or to clean up the room or to stop doing whatever it is we want him to stop doing.  Some friends suggested doing timeouts by having him put his nose to the wall.  Yeah…let me tell you how that went.  It went about a good 15 minutes telling him to get over there or physically holding his body in place.  He kept insisting his timeout was over (before I had even started the countdown) and just would not obey.  I can’t remember what exactly it was that made him finally do it but I do think that’s going to be the new method.  Otherwise it’s just sending him to his room where he can play with all of his toys and that’s not what a timeout is for.

Speaking of toys, we removed a bunch of them from his room a couple nights ago.  I had asked him for three or four days to clean his room because it was a friggin’ pit and he wouldn’t clean it.  Finally Jesse and I started cleaning it but instead of putting things back where they belonged we moved them to the spare room.  We told him because he was not capable to taking care of his toys that he couldn’t have them in his room.  Commence meltdown: engaged.  Then last night he refused to help put his blocks away so guess what?  They are also in the spare room having a timeout for one week.  Pretty soon his room will just be a bunk bed and a dresser.

After Christmas we took down the tree and all the decorations so we were able to clean up the spare room.  It had been awful going into that room because everything was everywhere.  You couldn’t even open the door fully because there was so much crap on the ground and in the way.  We took care of that, though, and that room looked gigantic for a brief moment in time.  You know, before we filled it up with all of Ezra’s possessions.

I’m toying around again with the idea of writing children’s books.  I don’t know when I would find the time but I’m always reading the boys these kid books and thinking, I could totally do this.  So anyway I registered another DBA (I think I have four of them now?) to have a publishing company.  Who knows if I will ever get around to self publishing anything but DBAs are good to have, I think.

Daydreaming about the backyard, we think we might scale down the raised garden beds and maybe buy a playground/swing set type contraption.  I don’t want some crappy plastic thing or cheap metal piece so it looks like some saving up is in order.

I also think we’re going to buy the Purple mattress about which there is so much hype.  Our fake Tempurpedic sucks and has dips and my back hurts every morning to the point where I am hobbling around hunched over until the aches finally ease.  I’ve had to catch myself on the door jam a few times and I’m tired of it.  Apparently this mattress is supposed to work wonders for heavy people with bad backs, so sign me up!


December 2016 keto log

12.4.16 – Ah, the start of a new month.  I’ve made some little cheesecake bites that I think turned out pretty well, if a bit tart from the lemon juice.  Jesse isn’t a huge fan of them but he still likes the fat bombs I make.  Velvet liked my latest iteration of peanut butter fat bomb the best so far.

I splurged on Thanksgiving but have eaten clean since then.  My lowest was 242 lbs and I’m about 243 right now, so pretty close.  I imagine I may be down 10 lbs my the end of the month, but for now my total loss is 32 lbs!  Not too shabby for three months.

I’m still making a lot of cream soups and eating very little veggies and fruit.  Every once in awhile I will just crave salads but since I’ve been eating keto I haven’t felt that urge.  However, I do think that eating a varied diet is good for the gut biome and I think I am going to start fermenting again.  We are going to do garlic bulbs and I may look into doing a veggie medley of cauliflower, garlic, onions, carrots, who knows what else.  I know fermented foods are supposed to be very beneficial.  I have this gigantic book on the art of fermenting at home, never actually looked through it, though.  I probably should read it.

I have no plans to start exercising any time soon, though that may change depending on energy levels.

12.13.16 – Nothing new to report, really.  I haven’t been eating as clean as I could have but every day is a new day, right?  Weighed myself today and am back to 242, hopefully to beat that low number tomorrow!  I guess we’ll find out.

I’ve been shopping every night after work so haven’t had time to really stock the fridge with keto meals.  It’s been kind of a head scratcher to figure out what to bring to work.  I’ll fix that issue tonight, though.

12.29.16 – Yeah…so I’ve given up keto for the past couple weeks.  Am now back up to 250. On the one hand, I feel like complete crap but on the other hand I’ve been able to eat delicious delicious treats.  My back has been killing me every morning and I feel sluggish and slow and bloated.  I am giving myself until the new year and then back at it once again.  See you in the new year!

Holiday party 2016

Last Saturday was our company holiday party. Pretty fun, as it is every year we go. This year the theme was old Las Vegas – so basically a lot of glitter and feathers. Jesse and I went with Velvet, Paul, Jill, and Jason. The food was pretty good; I had my first taste of bread pudding and I’m not sure if it was the pudding or the caramel sauce I drizzled over it but I am a fan!

20161210_171337.jpg 20161210_194127.jpg

The floor show was fairly mediocre and then they opened up the casino. One thing I have to say about eBay is that they appear to be very charitable. All the groups came up with basket ideas to auction off with proceeds going to various charities. And if you donate to a charity and report it to the company, they match the contribution. Pretty neat.

We were each given $1k in chips to play in the casino and then when finished you got to donate whatever amount you had left to a charity. My one complaint was that they shut down the casino at 10:45ish and then maybe 10 mins later shut down the dance floor.


So those of us who wanted to dance after we were done playing kind of got screwed.  Also the dance floor was not very dim. I don’t know about you but I love to dance; however, that doesn’t mean I want people to freely see me doing it.

The DJ ended the night by playing the dirty version of Lil Jon’s “Get Low” which has now been stuck in my head for the past three days. My favorite part is the “to all skeet skeet motherfuckers, to all skeet skeet goddamn!” which I actually Facebooked the phrase and then tagged eBay in the post. Upon retrospect, might not have been the appropriate thing to do seeing as I’m trying to get on the Social team. Oh well.

We put up our fake Christmas tree and Ezra and I decorated it. We didn’t use any glass baubles because I knew Leo would be fascinated with everything and I was proven correct. He kept taking off the balls and then losing the hangers so we put the balls higher and higher on the tree until only the top third was decorated. Then he pulled the whole tree over. Good times.


I have been wrapping gifts when I can but it’s not easy when the boys want to “help” me. I still have a couple folks to shop for. Nothing says “I love you” like putting off buying gifts until the last second, right?

Ezra and Leo like to turn the living room into a jungle gym lately. On the one hand, I don’t mind because they are being active and playing with each other but on the other we’re going to have to get some new chairs soon.

img_6664 img_6687 img_6688 img_6683 img_6677 img_6662

It appears we are all over our ailments and Jesse was a lucky duck who didn’t get sick at all! Leo was pleased.


Hot pockets!

We saw Jim Gaffigan live!  On Friday we went to the Vivint arena and watched from the nosebleed seats.  Definitely worth the ticket price!  He is so funny and not foul-mouthed like a lot of comedians tend to be.  I want to see him again when he comes to town with a new tour.

This week coming up is a busy one.  First we have another play at the theatre, “White Christmas” this time, and then two days later it’s our company holiday party.  It’s at the ritzy Grand America Hotel this year and while I’ve never been there I hear it’s very grand.  The theme is Old Las Vegas, kind of Rat Pack style I guess.  I bought a dress awhile back but I need to try it on again to make sure it still fits correctly.

We have new gutters on the house and they look great!  The company who put them up came out a day late but they seemed efficient when they got there.  I know squat about gutters so I cannot really say if they did a bang-up job but they seem stable and now we have a nice new roof and gutter system and our house top is secure.

Jesse bought Christmas lights to string up on the house.  Apparently there are these little plastic clips so you don’t have to damage the house or gutters.  I’m excited to see the lights on our house at night.  I have always loved Christmas lights on houses.

I put up decals for Halloween for decoration and they were all great.  They stayed on like they were supposed to and it took a bit arm work to get them off the wall.  I put up the Christmas decals yesterday and they completely suck.  The plastic vinyl is much thinner and the adhesive is less and Leo has been pulling them off the wall like it’s a game.  Even when we’re yelling, “No! Leo, stop doing that! No!” he scratches all the more and then proudly comes over to give us his bounty.  At some point we just started throwing away the decals instead of putting them back up.

I want to put the tree up but am pretty certain Leo will continue his destructive ways so am hesitant to get that started.

Poor Leo has been sick for over a week so I took him in to see a doctor and she said he has a viral form of bronchiolitis but then it turned into a bacterial ear infection so she prescribed antibiotics.  He appears to be feeling much better.  In the meantime Ezra started throwing up and spent a day feeling miserable, though he said he was much better the next day.  Now I have a wretched cold that I’m fighting off and didn’t feel too great last night though I seem to be past the queasiness today. Thankfully Jesse hasn’t been ill at all.  He says it’s due to all the hot sauce he eats on his food lately, that it kills off all the germs.  He may be right.

November 2016 keto log

11.8.16 – Well, aside from a total day of binge-eating candy on Halloween, I’ve eaten pretty clean.  I have been riding at about 250 for a week so I decided to cut out diet sodas for a few days, maybe a week or so, to see if they have any effect on my weight loss.  I know they shouldn’t have any effect being zero calories and using fake sugar and all, but I’ve also heard some people are still sensitive to them.  I weighed myself today and was at 252 but it’s the beginning of shark week, so that’s probably to be expected.

I’m thinking about starting a walking regimen again but find it hard to really get motivated.

I made a cauliflower crust pizza the other night and while it was very tasty, it was also nothing like regular pizza crust.  I think I also needed to flip the crust and bake out some more moisture because you had to eat it with a fork instead of being able to pick it up.

11.12.16 – I think there may be something to the not drinking diet soda.  I’d slowly been going down the past few days and yesterday hit a new low of 246!  And then last night I had a drink with dinner and was up a teeny bit today.  Of course, everything is anecdotal and weight can fluctuate pounds from day to day.  But still, after having a stall it’s nice to see the numbers creep down again.

I believe we are having pork chops with asparagus and hollandaise sauce tonight.  Yum!

12.4.16 – We went out to dinner on special date nights a couple times in November and I wasn’t as careful or flat-out didn’t care about the carbs on those occasions and still managed to hit a new low of 242 right at the end of the month.  I was pretty pleased about that.

I still am not exercising thought I do notice an occasional uptick of energy on occasion that makes me feel like I should be doing something active.  That feeling typically passes pretty quickly, though.  On to a new month!