Valentine’s Day, early edition

Jesse and I celebrated Valentine’s Day early this year because I have to work on the actual day.  We went out to Sakana Sushi (always fantastic food) and then we saw John Wick: Chapter Two.  I really liked the movie though it was super loud.  I mused to Jesse after it was over that I never realized how many assassins were in New York.  It felt like every extra on the scene was an assassin.  The body count was much higher than the first film.

It’s been warmer the past couple days and the boys have been outside to jump on the trampoline several times now.  Ezra in particular is loving it.

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We’ve had more contractors over to bid on landscaping and hopefully we will pick a cheap but competent company.  The most difficult part for me is that we don’t really have a set design for the front yard so it can be hard for me to articulate specifically what we’re looking for.  I’ll try to remember to take before and after photos.  The bummer is we got less back on our tax returns than I was hoping for so some of it will have to go on the credit card.  The good news is we have plenty of room on the card, the bad news is the card was so close to being paid off and I wanted to keep it that way.

I actually cleaned the bathrooms on my weekend!  It’s really amazing because I HATE cleaning bathrooms, especially the toilets, and that lack of love definitely showed.  They were pretty gross but now they are gleaming and I’m not *quite* so freaked out when Leo touches the toilet.

I was in a minor accident on my way home from work on Wednesday evening.


As a result I had to bring my van into a collision repair shop and am now riding a rental until the van gets fixed.  Which apparently is going to be about 11 days because they had to order in some part.  Trying to wrestle the car seats into a sedan was a trip.  I’d honestly never had to move/install Leo’s car seat before, even when it belonged to Ezra.  Jesse has always handled that.  So I moved Ezra’s seat first and got that installed, put Leo in Ezra’s seat and had Ezra sit in the front seat while I tried to install Leo’s seat.  It took me forever!  I was all sweaty and probably swearing and these guys are just standing around and no one offers to help.  I ended up getting the seat installed ok but then I wasn’t able to tighten it much.  Jesse finished off the job when he got home.  Thanks, honey!

We have someone coming to get the chickens and the coop.  One of the contractors, actually.  I mentioned we were looking to get rid of the hens and he said he’d take them and now he’s planning on coming out tomorrow and that will be the end of our chicken saga.  For now, anyway.  Maybe if we get a house on a plot of land we’ll look into it again.  For now my mini homesteading dream is done.  Well, apart from some garden boxes we’ll put in.

I was cleaning out the fridge and we’ve had these bottles of fermented drinks in the fridge door for probably about seven months now and I decided it was time to get rid of them.  They were taking up valuable real estate!  I had grabbed a couple out of the door but then I remembered the hard work fermenting them was and didn’t want to waste it.  I hadn’t been drinking them because I’m not sure what the sugar content is and I’ve been trying to stay low carb lately but the past few days had not been low carb so I thought I’d crack a bottle open.  That particular bottle happened to be our homemade ginger ale.  It was so tasty!  Super bubbly and EXTREMELY ginger-y.  I guess I’ll keep the bottles awhile longer yet.

Leo has been super cute thinking he’s hiding from us.

He’s very stealthy, right?!