New yard, coming up!

We have settled on a landscaper!  We are all set to begin, roughly halfway into the month.  It might get pushed farther to the end of the month, it kind of just depends upon the weather.  I’m really excited about the layout and garden boxes and everything.  The weather has bee pretty nice lately and the boys have been wanting to go outside and play.  I’m looking forward for when we actually have a yard to play in and not just a mud pit.

I think we may even make a sandbox for the boys.  We think they’d like that a lot.  All of these homesteading blogs I am reading are all talking about their seed orders and what they’re putting in their gardens this year.  I was talking with Velvet about it and we are thinking to maybe do a community thing where one of us grows a couple things, the other grows some complementary plants.  Then some friends heard about it and they want in on the action as well, so we may have a diverse amount of food this season!

I still want to get into canning more.  There are some people who practice “no-buy February” and “Food Storage March” where you don’t buy anything in February and only eat food you’ve already put by in March.  Even though we’ve gotten away from a lot of our original ideas like rabbits and chickens, I still like the idea of growing our own food.

We did get rid of the last couple chickens and the same guy took the chicken coop.  So now we just have Benny and Jojo for animals.  I’m still thinking about kittens, especially because we have some voles popping up in our yard again.  But I’m also considering how much work kittens are so I don’t know what I’ll decide on that front.

Jesse and I are enjoying our Broadway at the Eccles season theatre tickets.

We renewed for next year already and are very excited about the coming lineup.  We have two, maybe three, shows left for the rest of this season.  I think it’s only two shows left, Cinderella and Dirty Dancing.  I have been impressed with many of the shows so far and the building is well put together.  The downside is that certain productions have not tuned the sound appropriately, making it difficult to understand what’s going on.  You’d think traveling Broadway shows would have figured all that out.

I have a new shift at work, one which lets me out several hours earlier.  There is actually still daylight when I leave the building!  It’s pretty nice.  Of course, that means I have to get up about three hours earlier which I’m not so keen on.  I take Leo to the sitter’s way early in the morning and that means we’ve had to switch up our nighttime routine as well.  We put Leo down at 7pm and try to have Ez all ready before 8pm, and we are usually in bed by 9pm.  Leo is so cute and cuddly in the morning when I get him up I just want to snuggle him hard!  Recently he has figured out how to bypass the baby door lock so now we have to literally bungee his doorknob to our bedroom doorknob so he won’t come out.  He is not a happy camper about this turn of events.

Ezra has really upped his reading game lately.  When dad and Dani were visiting, Dani made mention that another of her grandsons is an avid reader and that he reads more than one hour a day.  In the van on the way home a couple days ago, Ezra told me, “I really like reading now.  I’m just like Wyatt, I like to read for more than an hour a day!”

I’ve very gingerly dipped a toe back on the walking circuit and Ezra has been doing walking videos with me.  He keeps up with the one-mile walk and has been insisting we do the two- or three-mile video so yesterday I put on the two-mile video and he dropped out before hitting one mile exclaiming that he was just so tired and that he was burning up all of his good calories.

Leo is talking more, saying ready, blanket, Caroline, Brenda, etc.  Of course, you already have to have some idea of what it is he’s trying to say, but I’m still happy he’s branching out vocabularily.

We have been using Plex media center lately.  The main reason I wanted it was because you can watch your own videos from your own servers no matter where you are.  That is a huge win when you are away from the house and the kids just *HAVE* to watch a show right then and there.  The downside is the server is only as good as the equipment you have.  So while it works a treat in the house on our own network, I frequently get the error message that our server isn’t fast enough to support the media stream when I try to watch shows away from the house.  I’m not sure if this is an issue with our internet upload speed or the speed of the computer itself.

I am wanting to get back into sourdough bread and kombucha again.  Jesse was like, “So, are you just completely giving up on low carb?”  And I was all, “No no, I just want to add more fermented food into our diet.”  And then I made a batch of brownies.  Low carb keto appears to have gone by the wayside for the time being.  I looked up a cinnamon roll recipe on Pinterest and this was top of the search results.

Pinterest, keeping it real.



February 2017 keto log

2.7.17 – I wouldn’t say I’ve been binging this past week but I definitely haven’t been eating clean.  As a result I am up 8 lbs to 238 and I’m bloated and gassy.  A lovely image, I know.  I am fasting today and hope to be back on schedule shortly. Of course, Jesse and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day by going out to sushi but I think that should be ok.

2.11.17 – I had sushi last night, and it was delicious!  However, I also had these garlic crouton crosstini chip things and some McDonalds and who knows what else and as a result I had some gastric distress throughout the night.  On a positive note, I’m back down to 232.  Not sure why I don’t think about bloating and upset tummy when I’m eating much carbohydrate.  It’s like I willfully disregard past experiences.  Well, fasting day for me today.

2.19.17 – Still hovering around 231/232 and I am ok with that for now.  I went pants shopping last night because my 22s I can wear for about an hour and then I’m hitching them up for the rest of the day.  I tried on some 20s and they fit but were a bit loose in the legs and way too long.  I had the salesperson find me an 18 and do you know what?  I could totally wear them!  Of course, they were straight leg and that just wouldn’t do, but I found a pair of 18s in this convertible pant style and I am rocking them today.  Also there was this really cute polka-dot summer dress and I grabbed that in an 18 and it just didn’t look quite right.  I tried it on in a 16 and it was fantastic!  I know dresses you can usually go smaller in size because it drapes, but even so I am way excited about these things.