A weekend for making things

Ok folks, I made so many things this weekend!  First I poured off and made some new water kefir.  I’m doing a second ferment with our homemade elderberry syrup because it actually seems to flavor it fairly strongly and it’s one flavor Jesse seems to like.  I also like adding a bit of sugar water with some vanilla, it’s like a cream soda then.  I’ll have to make that flavor again soon, maybe with the next batch.  That’s one item off the list.

Thinking about making our own snacky foods, I then made cheese crackers (think cheese nips) and they were ok, but I think I either need to let them bake longer or have them be a more uniform size.  Also I used a bit more cheese than called for.  Ezra seemed to like them but they get kind of soft after the next day, a little soggy.

cheese crackers

cheese crackers


And remember forever ago when I said I was going to make homemade deodorant and see how that works?  Well, I finally did it.  There are a lot of recipes out there with similar ingredients, so I went with one that was 1/4 C. coconut oil, 1/4 C. baking soda, and 1/4 C. arrowroot powder.  I added a few drops of lavender essential oil for good measure.  The mix itself smells really good, kind of a light coconut/lavender scent going on.  I wore it today for the first time and doing a smell test after 8+ hours has me believing this just may work.  Some people reported that the baking soda left their skin rashy and tender but if that happens apparently you can decrease the baking soda and increase the arrowroot powder.  Other people use cornstarch in their ingredients, and others yet include shea butter or cocoa butter.  I will stick with this simple recipe unless I am forced to change it.

20150204_123807 20150204_124050 20150204_124649

Jesse wants to try it as well.  I told him I’d make him some that smelled more manly (think cedarwood) but he said he didn’t mind smelling like lavender:)  My lucky coworkers will get to let me know if I start to stink.  Although they will probably be too polite to tell me to my face and will have to go to my supervisor instead.  I’m not too worried about it if today is anything to go by.

I have a crazy sweet tooth and saw we had shredded coconut flakes, so I found a coconut cream recipe and made a pie.  I think this was a recipe Jesse had made before I wasn’t a huge fan of the pudding filling.  I’ve made a banana cream pie before and really liked that pudding base, but of course I lost that recipe.  In this coconut cream one I did about half the dairy and included a can of coconut milk to increase the coconut flavor.  It’s ok and Jesse seems to like it, but I think the flour addition gives it a more bland flavor.

20150204_144805 20150204_144813 20150204_144819 20150204_150024

I made spaghetti last night and it was so good!  I made everything from scratch using our canned tomatoes and grass-fed beef and sausage.  Of course, we didn’t process the meat nor dry the Italian herbs, but I will still call it from scratch.  Ezra doesn’t like meat sauce (which is weird because he likes meat) so I just gave him noodles and cheese, which he loves.

I made us some smoothies from frozen organic cherries, frozen strawberries, and yogurt.  I want to use our Vitamix more often (that’s why I put it on our new kitchen island).  Ezra liked it, dare say.

20150203_165530 20150203_165543

Of our two dogs, Benny doesn’t bark all that often.  Luca will go out at night and I don’t know what the hell he’s barking at.  If it’s some potential intruder, then I’m glad he does it.  However, I’m pretty sure he’s just barking at shadows and that gets old really quickly.  This morning around 4am I’d had enough so I went out and called in both dogs (Benny had just gone out to see what Luca was shouting about) and when they came in I tried to shut the dog door using the metal plate insert but somehow the tracks in the door had become bent so I couldn’t fit the door into the tracks.  I finally said screw it and just put them both in their kennels and went back to bed.  They did pretty well; sometimes Luca just scratches at the base of the floor but it seemed like they both just settled down and slept until I let them out around 8am.  Then a few hours later I looked outside and saw they were both in the chicken coop.  Normally this wouldn’t be an issue but for the past couple days we’ve been keeping the chickens penned up which meant the dogs had found some way to break in.  The weird thing was both dogs were eating the wilting spinach that Jesse had just given to the chickens.  Jesse had to go to school so he wrangled the dog door insert into place and we’ve had to manually let out the dogs today.  It’s not that I’m afraid the dogs with go to the bathroom inside but really they’ve had access to that dog door since they were little so haven’t learned any real method of communicating to us that they need to go outside.  So it is a wee concern.  (Haha *wee* concern, get it?  Yeah, at least I think I’m funny.)

Now I just need to focus on getting that bone broth into us on a daily basis.  Still haven’t got that ball rolling yet.  But I *DID* just get some milk kefir grains today when I picked up our raw milk at the store.  The cruddy thing is they are dehydrated, and you’re supposed to rehydrate using pasteurized milk, which we don’t have.  I had to pasteurize the milk myself heating it up to a certain point for a certain amount of time.  Pain in the ass.  Once the grains are rehydrated then I can work on transitioning to raw milk.


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