And the bear slept on

Ezra has this story about a bear who is hibernating in his cave and all these little animals come in and they start having this party and the bear sleeps through it. And every time a new critter comes in and they have a new activity the bear sleeps on. It’s a cute story but becomes kind of tedious because the bear just keeps sleeping. This is how our landscaping job is starting to feel. It’s still not done yet.

They have several more modifications to do to the sprinklers, we need more topsoil to be placed, the sprinkler force needs to be adjusted, and then the sod needs to be laid. They are now more than a week behind schedule and we still don’t have our dog with us. In contrast our deck has been demolished and replaced from bottom to top and it is completely finished. It looks great! We are very happy with the end product.

We had a very nice visit with Mom and Jim while they were here.

Mom, Velvet, and I all got pedicures as is our normal treat when we are all together. Mom and Jim stayed at our house this time and we had the boys double up in Ezra’s room for the first time. Leo had a hard time staying in bed and getting to sleep the first night but after that it was subsequently smoother each night.

We finished up our Broadway season tickets last week with the performance of Dirty Dancing.

I think it’s probably my second-favorite performance that we have seen this season. I’m very glad we decided to get season tickets to the theater and that we have renewed them for next year.

Velvet is very excited to see the performance of Hamilton and while I think it’ll be a good performance as well I don’t have as much intense interest in it as she does. We got extra tickets to watch The Book of Mormon this summer and I am very excited to see that!

Our kittens are getting bigger and it occurred to me that this would have been the perfect time to get them both spayed since Benny is not in the house to agitate them during their recovery.

But upon doing a bit of research it looks like they have to have their shots for at least 14 days before the procedure so we’ll have to get that pushed off for a couple weeks.

It has been a very busy summer so far and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon! I wish I had more time off on the same days as Jesse so we could do things like go on hikes or go fishing or go drive around in the mountains. But with our days off not matching up it’s a little difficult to spend much quality day time together.

I got a new phone the other day, the LG Stylo 3, and I’m not quite sure that I’m liking it. As a phone it seems to be doing well, much faster processing than my Samsung Galaxy S5 but the camera kind of sucks. So I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want to return the phone and get something more high-tech like the Samsung Galaxy S8 but the problem there is those phones are roughly $700 and I don’t know that I want to spend that much on a phone that I will probably only have for two years. Jesse keeps telling me to just get a small handheld camera but isn’t that the whole point of having a camera on your cell phone? So you don’t have to have multiple electronics? I need to figure it out soon, though.

I recently watched the Batman Lego movie and it is really quite humorous for adults as well as children. Ezra is really into the Lego series like Ninjago right now so I got him the Batman movie and he just loves it.

We went to Taylorsville Dayzz on Friday night and it’s part of a three-day series but we only did the one day because we had the play on Thursday and then on Saturday we just thought it would be too much for Leo; we basically have to keep him strapped into a stroller because he has a runner.

Leo was pretty cute when it was time for the fireworks he just kept gasping in and covering his mouth like he was so surprised. It was adorable!

Ezra and I were talking about how long this new deck should last us and I was telling him that it should last for something like 20 years and he said that it should still be standing by the time that he and his girlfriend Kelsey get married and have a cute baby. I’m like whoa! Cool your jets, kid!

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