Creating a food budget is not easy stuff

Trying to watch my youngest son play a Kinect game is frustrating as heck. He just wants to move around and bounce and completely does not understand the mechanics of the game at all. He doesn’t understand when I tell him he needs to move over, or to throw a ball with one hand and hit with the other. FRUSTRATION! And I’m not even the one playing the game with him!

Well, on to other news. The positive is that VIPKID approved my appeal and I can start teaching classes again. I still think I’m going to wait out the rest of the month and I think when I start again I’m only going to work Friday and Saturday nights. Those are China’s Saturday and Sunday mornings. I won’t be able to spend that time with Jesse and the boys, but it gives me all the rest of the week and I won’t have to get up early. It’s been so nice having evenings with Jesse after the boys are down for the night. We’ve been exercising and watching TV.

I looked around online and found a place for us to refi Jesse’s personal student loans and it’s almost a 2.5% drop in APR! I figure we can take that money and put it toward groceries and then any extra money I get throughout the month from online sales or notary services I can put toward paying down the credit card. What that means is *technically* I don’t have to work and we can still survive! Of course, I’d like to contribute financially as well, but we won’t go hungry if I have a short month. Huzzah!

I’ve been meal planning this past week and it’s been very successful. To date this week we’ve had steak and broccoli, taco salad, meatballs and spaghetti squash, and last night we had parmesan crusted tilapia, shrimp, and roasted cauliflower. Today was leftovers and tomorrow is brined baked chicken thighs and green beans.

With meal planning I can try to get the most out of the vegetables because I’m actually purchasing what I need for the week. I went shopping a couple days ago to purchase what I’d need for the week and it was $20 for the veggies. $20 for VEGETABLES! Eating healthy is expensive. Then again, it will last us the week so when you break it down per meal it’s probably not that bad.

We are lucky enough that we have a lot of different proteins in the freezer (and more coming that’s been pre-paid) that really it’s just fruits and veggies, and then the off type of thing like cheese or toilet paper. So in reality we could probably get by on under $100 a month for groceries. That is the plan, at least. I’ve never really had to budget for food before. It’s a new experience.