Politics piss me off

Usually I refrain from commenting on politics, either in real life, here on the blog, or on my Facebook page.  I do NOT like election years (or the year/two years leading up to an election year) because so much misinformation is passed around.

It’s like there is no integrity in journalism any more.  I have a Facebook friend, an older gentleman, who posts a SHIT TON of anti-Obama, right-wing craziness, mostly in the form of memes but sometimes linking to articles.  I saw one yesterday that caught my attention because it said that it was just revealed Obama was the product of incest and he was humiliated!  I was like, ok this is going to be bullshit, but let’s see what it says.

The article went on to say that Obama’s great grandfather was a polygamist who had five wives, two of which were sisters.  I don’t know if that is actually true, but even if it is, it’s not like the sisters could have knocked each other up and no mention was made that the great grandfather was related to either of them, so how does that equate incest?

And the comments at the bottom of the article were all:
“He is a great example of what is produced when cousins and siblings marry.”
“Who cares, he is a muslim and a terriost and no one seems to care about that.”
“His father was still married to his first wife when he married and knocked up barry’s tramp mother, clearly making barry a bastard child.”

Those are actual comments (and typos) on the article (and I use the word “article” loosely here).  It makes me sad first off, that so many of my fellow countrymen are apparent idiots, but then it just makes me mad.  It’s not that I think Obama is some great President, he’s done ok though I think he could do more.  It’s that these muckrakers have no integrity!  They KNOW they’re just making stuff up and they don’t care because they know people will believe them because no one wants to hunt for the truth anymore.

I like my friend but I hate his politics, so I’ve had to unfollow almost everything he posts.  And he’s not the only one, though his feed is the most vocal.  I don’t know how I can take another year of this.  I very rarely comment on other people’s posts on politics because if the stance is opposite of mine it’s not like I’m going to be changing any minds or hearts no matter how lucid and educated my rebuttal is.

At this time, I’m really hoping Bernie Sanders will win.  I like pretty much everything he’s said so far and am looking forward to the debate between him and Clinton.  Of course, the tough thing is all politicians can talk a good game but it seems like rarely do things change.  And we, as a country, desperately need a change.