Pointy-elbowed kid

Ezra has the cutest dimples on his elbows.  With elbow dimples, you’d think his arms and elbows would be all soft and squishy.  I am here to tell you THAT IS NOT THE CASE!  When I’m playing Castle Clash on my tablet, he likes to watch.  He will snuggle up next to me, and then he wants to get closer to the action.  What does he do?  He uses his elbows as leverage!  He puts all his weight on those sharp little elbows to hoist himself up and about, and I’m yelling, “Ouch!  Ezra, off!  Ouuuuuuuch!”  He says, “Sorry, mommy” in such a cute voice, it’s seriously adorable.  But that does not make up for my bruised boob and stomach!  Ok, so he hasn’t left bruises yet, but I’m pretty sure that’s because the damage is too deep to show.

Jesse and I had a great date night the other evening wherein we ground up 10 lbs of chicken legs and then various beef organs.  Ok, so it wasn’t a date night so much as a gruesome chore than needed to be done so the cats wouldn’t starve, but still, it was quality time spent together.  At one point some beef heart shot out of the grinder holes across the floor, onto the fridge, spraying Jesse and me on its route.  Good times.  BTW, if you are grinding beef organs you should use your hand or something to block sprayage.  A little lesson from me to you.  We upped the meat content this time around.  Last time the bulk was made up with just chicken leg quarters, but we figured maybe that was too much bone content.  The cats seem less enthusiastic about this mix, but that could be for a variety of reasons.  They are still eating it, so that’s good.

Jesse cleaned up a bunch of sunflowers from the garden and put it in the chicken run area, and they seemed to approve of it.  He also cleaned up some cherry tomato plants.  These were the volunteer plants from last year that we just allowed to grow.  I like cherry tomatoes, but usually just with salads.  Really, probably one hearty cherry tomato plant could take care of our needs but instead we had a bunch of them.  I haven’t scoped out the newly cleared area yet, but I’m sure it’s awesome.

We’ve been talking about getting out of rabbits for awhile now, and yesterday I finally reached out to the guy I bought our chocolate rex rabbit from to see if he wanted the buck back.  I haven’t heard back from him yet, but I’ll give him a week before I’m putting all three rabbits on KSL and just give them away to whoever wants them.  As much as I’d like to keep them for us to eat as well as for dog food, they just aren’t worth the cost.  If we had a fodder system in place or did more forage for their food, maybe.  And maybe we’ll be in a place sometime where the grass grows on its own so we can have them in rabbit tractors on the grass to eat their fill.  Maybe.

The mystery of the heart in the freezer

As many of you know, we raw feed the dogs and cats.  Last night I was rummaging through our freezer and pulled out a package of skinned rabbit legs, some beef kidneys, and a heart.  I took them upstairs to thaw and didn’t think any of it.  Later that night I was telling Jesse about what I had grabbed and showed him the heart.  Our conversation went something like this:

Me:  …and then I took out this heart to thaw.
Jesse:  Wait, where did we get that heart?
Me:  Um…your brother, I think?
J:  No, he only gave us roasts and salami.  Did we get it from the butcher?
Me:  No, because it would have been wrapped in butcher paper.  Hmm, where did this heart come from?!

This led to a longer conversation about where it was postulated that a killer broke into our house and left a human heart in our freezer.  Because while I was pretty sure it wasn’t a human heart, I did for a moment think about sending it in to be analyzed.

After I got to work today, I contacted one of my coworkers.  We have gotten rabbits and fish and such from him when he goes hunting, so I thought maybe it had come from him.  I am happy to report I was correct; it is a deer heart he gave us last November.  I’m glad that mystery was solved, especially after one of my cousins had the audacity to suggest a zombie had left it in the freezer to eat as a snack later on.  Yeah, because that’s all I need to be thinking about, zombies stopping by and leaving stuff in our freezer.  Thanks for that.