It’s a beautiful morning!

Well, it was more beautiful yesterday, but today ain’t too shabby. We haven’t had much in the way of snow this year and it feels like the reservoirs aren’t going to be as filled as they should but it’s been nice for driving.

We bought Leo a little toddler bike complete with training wheels, it’s frickin’ adorable. I would show you pictures but WordPress is being a pain in my ass and not allowing me to edit images, so no photos for the time being.

We’re trying to get Ezra more pumped about riding his bike but it’s been somewhat of a struggle. We purchased his bike last fall and he didn’t have much time with it before winter set in. We’ve got him out on the street in front of our house a couple times and we took him to the school lot to bike on since it’s level and broad but he wasn’t feeling it. That seemed to change last Saturday, though. He was much more willing to actually get on his bike and ride it around. He has training wheels on it currently that aren’t set correctly (in my opinion). The training wheels are both touching the ground so there is no balancing being required. I suppose at this point I should just be grateful he’s riding at all. We’ll give him a few days just practicing the mechanics of it but those bad boys are going to get adjusted.

I didn’t have training wheels when I was learning to bike and sure I fell off a fair few times but that’s part of the process, learning how to fall. Ez is WAY scared of falling.

Leo really seems to like his new bike…until he stops himself with his pedal brakes. He goes forward for a few strokes and then pushes backward which brakes the bike and he can’t get started again without a push. A learning process, to be sure, but he gets all frustrated and then doesn’t want to ride anymore. He spent more time running after Ezra than he did riding his own bike. Oh well, baby steps I guess.

The plan is to get Jesse and myself our own bikes and then bike the heck out of this year. I’ve been looking at some different bike models and am pretty sure I’m going to get some kind of cruiser/hybrid. I need that wide seat and I definitely don’t need 21 speeds at this point. We bought a toddler trailer last summer while on vacation so for longer rides Leo will have the best seat in the house. With Jesse pedaling him, of course.

A couple of us have colds again. It seems like we get rid of illness only to get something else a week or two later. I blame the elementary school. Kids and their germs, man.

I’ve been working to get the house more in order, specifically the soap room. Really it’s a catch-all kind of room and I’ve been trying to reorganize it. I’m paring down on the clothing and shoe sales and I’ve sold off a bit of the soap stuff. Really I could try to sell the soap molds but I still have this idea that once the kids are both in school I will soap more and I don’t want to have to buy all those products again. So for now everything is just sitting in the back room, taking up space.

I haven’t done the VIPKID teaching since December. I had decided to take off January to focus on my health but then decided I hated getting up at 3am so I haven’t gone back to it. I’ve done a couple mortgage signings and did an auto inspection but nothing too busy this year. That’s another thing I can do when both kids are in school, build up the notary business. Right now I cannot take a lot of jobs that come my way because I’d have to find a sitter for Leo. I’ve also applied for a couple virtual assistant jobs but then I got to thinking that we have a pretty packed summer and I’d keep having to take time off work, so it’d probably be best if I didn’t find anything new until the fall when school starts again.

Ezra has been having some behavior problems at school lately so we’ve been working with his teacher to curb those impulses. I would say the main issue is his lying. He will do something, you’ll see him do and call him on it, and he will immediately deny he did whatever it was that he did. So we’re working on “owning” the issue and not just issuing a blanket statement of deniability. It’s been going ok so far. We cut out his screen time and now he has to earn his time through stickers for good behavior at school. Each sticker is worth 10 minutes with a max cap possible of six per school day. I will say he and Leo have been playing a ton more together and running around now that it’s not tablet time all the time. With spring and summer just around the corner, it’s nice that we have parks close to us and a trampoline and grassy yard for them to play on.

We lost Grandma Baugher this month. She was 96 years old and was an amazing woman. I remember fondly the times we spent with her and grandpa at their house in the country. I will miss her but am glad she’s not in pain. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.


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