January 2018 keto log

1.29.18 – I was feeling so poorly throughout December due to bad eating. I mean, I really let myself go crazy. Jesse learned how to make these AMAZING caramels and I made a ton of cookies and other treats. It culminated in an ambulance trip to the hospital because I felt like I was having a heart attack. It turned out to be something called Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs) and doing some research, many people get them when their diet it too high in carbs. So after the new year I started back on keto. Technically I’ve been keto since January 4th (it took a couple days to clear out the cookies and treats from the house).

1.1.18 – 259 lbs
1.2.18 – 260 lbs
1.7.18 – 255 lbs
1.16.18 – 253 lbs
1.18.18 – 251 lbs
1.22.18 – 250

On the 24th I started fasting again with no set end date in sight.
1.24.18 – 252 lbs
1.26.18 – 249 lbs
1.27.18 – 247 lbs
1.28.18 – 245 lbs
1.29.18 – 242 lbs

Today at 3pmish it officially hits the five day mark, which is a new record for me. I was thinking I would eat tonight for dinner but that is weak me talking! I am reading all these personal stories of people who go 30+ days and would love to do that but mentally it’s such a challenge. I mean, five days has been hard enough! It’s not been too difficult physically but mentally it’s been a bitch.

I just *want* to eat. And it’s so hard making dinner at night for the rest of the family and not to partake.

I feel like if I quit, though, and I start to do another fast, I have to go through days 1-5 again, whereas if I keep going, I can hit days 6, 7, 10, 14, 21 easier since I’m already five days in. Also, I’m thinking that if I can just be a hard ass and shed 40 lbs in one month, I can return to keto and continue to lose at a slower rate and I’d never need to fast for 30 days again. I guess ultimately I’d like to hit 30 days (or more, you know I have the reserves) but I’m just taking it one day at a time.

I’m taking daily supplements of magnesium and calcium, and just started taking lite salt in capsule form to help with electrolytes and potassium. Some days I take more heart healthy supplements to keep my heart in check.

The boys have come down with colds and I’m thinking if I continue to fast for the duration I won’t catch their colds because the autophagy process attacks viruses and weakened cells so I may be able to bypass colds all together. It’s said that after fasting for three days your immune system is completely renovated. Hopefully there is truth to that.

1.31.18 – Best laid intentions, ah, well. I ended up eating that night. I broke my fast with some fries and nuggets from Chic-Fil-A. Definitely not the best thing to break an extended fast with but I was suddenly super hungry coming home from grocery shopping and just felt like I couldn’t go any longer.

This morning I weighed in at 242. My skin hurts from water retention and inflammation, which is unfortunate. Technically I guess I don’t really know it’s from water retention and inflammation but I have a sneaking suspicion that when I do another extended fast the symptoms and pain will go away. I guess it could be from something I’ve eaten that perhaps I’m sensitive to…something to think about, anyway.

Speak of, I am fasting again starting tomorrow. I’d like to go another five days (or longer) but as always I’m just going to be loose with the end date. Wouldn’t you know it, I just started my sourdough bread sponge/starter today and I probably won’t get to eat any of the fresh baked bread but it’s not like I don’t have more starter in the fridge just waiting to be woken up again.

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