July 2017

How the heck is it July already?!  It was March and I blinked and now it’s July.  Crazy crazy.

Our yard is finally complete!  Well, almost complete.  Technically everything is done and in place but we keep finding little things that are incorrect and have to have them come out and fix the issue.  It’s almost like a nightmare that doesn’t end but just slightly not so bad.  We have a HUGE backyard.  It’s really large and while I knew it was big it just looks so much bigger because it’s all usable space now.  I told Jesse it looked like a golf course.  We’re not supposed to play on the sod too much at this time because it’s still trying to attach itself but I’ve been out there a few times and it feels nice to the feet.

We have weeds growing in our front strip that they scraped bare.  They placed weed cloth and large rocks as a barrier and I’m not happy that we already have weeds since everything they did should have prevented to growth of weeds.  Not sure if that’s something they should be fixing or just a fluke that weeds will grow where they can.

Our front flower bed is completely strewn with weeds as well.  They didn’t dig out as much dirt as they should have or fill with new dirt so now we not only have weeds but also grass growing in what is supposed to just be a flower bed.  Not sure how to remove the grass aspect.  I’m thinking that anything that will kill the grass will kill the flowers already growing.  Might just wait until the fall and then simply kill everything in the bed and start again in spring.

The Fourth of July was fairly fun.  I say “fairly” because while we were able to go to a BBQ with friends and family, Leo puked a few times while we were there and then was all projectile style on the way home and he was just miserable.  Then I was so tired the next morning that I decided to call out from work on Wednesday, and then Jesse got sick in the wee hours of Thursday morning so *he* called out of work and spent Thursday and Friday recuperating.  I technically ended up having a four-day weekend but it certainly didn’t feel that way to me.

I had the best of intentions to pack up a bunch of items and take them to be donated but that didn’t happen.  I think the most I got done this weekend was taking the cats in for their shots, grocery shopping, and doing some laundry.

Speaking of cats, for having purchased them so cheaply they sure are costing us money.  It was $100 for their shots and then it’ll be $42/ea for their spaying coming up and we’re going to do booster shots and microchipping at the same time which will be like $15 and $32/ea respectively.  If I lived on a farm and had tons of cats I would definitely learn how to give shots and just do it myself.  I couldn’t do the spaying myself, though…

We finally have Benny back at the house!  He was so excited to see us when we went to pick him up.  The kittens completely had forgotten about him and were FREAKED OUT when they saw him again but it’s been a few days and they are pretty chill around him now.

Jesse commented that Benny seems calmer and I joked it was because there were so many animals around and Jesse said that he read somewhere that really can calm down animals when they are in a pack because there is the order hierarchy and everyone has a place.  So then I “joked” that we should get another dog, this time a small one.  At this point it’s the more the merrier, right?  Probably not in the cards for us.

I bought a new phone because my Samsung Galaxy S5 was draining battery life like crazy and it was just acting weird.  I ended up getting the LG Stylo 3 mainly because I felt Jesse was giving me shit about wanting the Samsung Galaxy S8 because it cost so much.  And really, it’s a $700 phone so the price point was an issue for me as well.  Anyway, I am NOT liking the Stylo 3.  Mainly I want a phone for a couple games and to take photos.  I’d say the camera is the most important aspect for me and this camera is for shit.  The specs of the camera seem like it would be good but you *and* the subject both have to be stock still to get a clear image.  Any kind of movement and it’s grainy/blurry.  Jesse says I should just get a little handheld pocket camera but to me that’s the whole point of having a camera, to have less electronics to cart around.

On a certain level I recognize how much of a first-world problem this is but still, I paid good money for something I expected to work well and it’s not living up to my standards.  I decided it had been less than a month so I was going to return it and upgrade to the S8 but apparently Boost Mobile only has a 7-day return policy and I was at 12 by then so I was screwed.  Velvet says I can still get the S8 and then sell my Stylo 3 on eBay but meh, too much of a hassle.  So it sounds like I’m just going to deal with a budget phone until maybe next year.  Of course the phone companies will have new models out by then so the S8 will be cheaper but you know I’m going to want the latest model and not last year’s cast offs.


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