Landscape, ho!

Our yard is finally getting worked on!  I am REALLY excited about it, can you tell?  I took a couple “before” shots and am trying to get in some photos while they are actually working on it.  Right now the front yard is pretty much completely scraped to nothing with the exception of a few plants/trees that we were keeping.  The backyard has been scraped a little bit but still has quite a bit more to go before it’s ready for plumbing and sod.

It’s such a beautiful day this morning, I totally didn’t want to go to work.  It’s about 6:30am and right around 70 degrees!  Perfect weather for a hike!  Of course, if I hadn’t had to come into work I’d still be sleeping right now and missing out on the wonderful morning.  On the other hand, I’m stuck inside a building so it’s not like I’m able to enjoy it anyway…hmm.

Benny is staying over at my in-laws house for the duration of the yard demolition.  Our fencing had to come down so all the equipment can come and go.  It sounds like he is enjoying himself tolerably well.  The kittens are loving a dog-free space and have taken over his huge dog bed.  They are in for a surprise when he comes back.  Jojo kitty still hisses and swipes at the kittens but I have noticed she doesn’t immediately run when they are around and she lets them get closer to her than before.  Baby steps I guess.

We went to see Cinderella at the Broadway at the Eccles Theatre the other night.  It was a fun night out.  Velvet, Laura, Jesse, and I ate dinner at Settebello, a fairly authentic pizzeria.  They fire-brick-oven bake their dishes and their dough is awesome!  We got a Nutella pizza for dessert and holy crap, I could eat those every day.  Friggin’ fantastic.

A proper gent, he is.

The theatre was pretty close by the restaurant and we decided to park in the lot that is right across from the theatre (usually we park in the one about a block away).  It was nice parking there and just a jaunt to the building but leaving was a whole other story and I’m not sure if we’ll end up parking there again.  Maybe just in the winter months.

The Cinderella show itself was ok.

The set design was great and one of the stepsisters was very funny but the lead was just so-so.  I guess I was expecting more twists or something.  During one of the scenes the fire alarm went off and we were told to exit the building.

Sad we are being evacuated

It was crazy, one moment the cast is all dancing at a ball and then sirens and lights are flashing and suddenly WOOSH, no more dancers on stage.  We were waiting to go down the stairs when we heard it was ok to go back to our seats.

They let us back in!

Apparently some of the special effects triggered the smoke alarms.  We all came back to our seats and 10 minutes later the play started up again.  Credit to the actors, they started back up almost right where they had left off.  We have another show at the end of the month, Dirty Dancing.

All the kids are out of school now.  Ezra is pretty happy, he thinks he is going to get to play Minecraft all day, every day.

I keep telling him that is not going to be the case but I don’t think it’s sinking in.  Our yard will be ready soon and I fully expect the kids to spend much of their days outside, playing on the lovely new grass, having squirt gun water fights.

Leo says he is ok with that.

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