Leo’s VBAC birth – part 3

I had been up and about in my room, and I had done a circuit of the hall floor prior to being discharged, but actually leaving my room and getting out to the car was a challenge.  I felt a bit woozy and had to walk really slowly.  Jesse went to get the car once we were all downstairs, and Leo and I waited for him to pull up.

The ride home was ok aside from some feelings of nausea.  I was still super poofy and swollen and just felt “off” but I was glad to be home.  I had bruising everywhere on my arms and I still couldn’t touch any of my fingers to my thumbs.  I wore compression tubes on my hands and arms to try and reduce the swelling.


Jesse and I worked out a nighttime routine where when the baby cried Jesse would pick up him and give him to me, I would feed Leo and then give him back to Jesse for a bum change and then to go back to bed.  A day or two after I got home I started to feel like I was having panic attacks.  My heart would start racing and I would get queasy.  I felt bad when sitting up and even worse when lying down.  My chest hurt when I would try to maneuver onto lying on my side.  A number of days I would leave the baby and Ezra upstairs and just go lie back down on the bed and watch movies on my tablet and relax.



I had been home probably four days or so when Jesse suddenly came down with that stomach flu that had been going around.  I went from only taking care of myself to suddenly taking care of both kids and the cats and dogs and it was somewhat of a trial.  I hadn’t been changing diapers or having to be responsible for much up until then.  Jesse stopped throwing up after about a day and was back to helping out after that.  I was able to step up my level of helping out as well.


I ordered a bunch of vitamin supplements that were supposed to be good for healing and heart health as well as ordering a bunch of supplements that were supposed to increase lactation.  I wasn’t able to feed much with Ezra and I really wanted to be able to breastfeed Leopold.

I started feeling better after a week or so and my swelling gradually decreased.  Once my arms and hands weren’t so swollen I wanted to concentrate on getting my feet and ankles to get the memo.  The first day my feet and ankles didn’t swell all day I was excited!  I remember telling Jesse how pretty and dainty my ankles were! Jesse gave me a foot rub and commented on what a different experience it was now that he could actually feel my feet (instead of just puffy skin).

We had so many friends and family bringing us food and caring for us that first week, we were really blessed.

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