Minor irritants

Jesse discovered our drip line hose tubing was separated and probably has been since they installed the rocks in the grape area.

So most likely the grapes have been getting their water from the grass watering system. Fairly irritated about that. Also mad that we have tons of weeds in our yard and the guy who owns the landscaping company said it’s not their problem. He went on to list a litany of steps they took to prevent weeds and Jesse and I are pretty sure none of those steps actually happened but we don’t have any proof either way. We also have random dead patches where we’re thinking we may just sprinkle some grass seed there and see what happens. The company we had do all the work basically seems like they are done fixing their own problems. I am not going to leave them a shining review. In fact, it will be fairly scathing.

We tested out our new battery-powered lawnmower and it works a treat.

We need to sign up for a green waste yard bin. We pretty much filled up our regular garbage can with grass trimmings from the front and back yards and while we don’t usually have enough trash to take it to the curb weekly, I still think it’s a good idea to keep green waste separate.

We bought a new pooper scoop and I love it!

I don’t have to bend over to use it, it’s effective, and I can use those plastic grocery bags that just seem to multiply. I highly recommend this model if you are looking for a raking scoop system.

We bought the best cherry pitter!

I haven’t eaten cherries in forever because I hate dealing with the pits but I’d been thinking about canning some cherries lately so bought this pitter and then bought some cherries at Harmon’s. Those cherries were fantastic!

You just load up your stemmed cherries into the tray, one goes into the shoot, depress the plunger where a steel rod pits the cherry and the pitted cherry rolls into the bowl! Easy peasy! We have noticed that it’s not 100% reliable as a few of the cherries still had the pit but overall it’s a very useful tool and I’m happy we purchased it. Ezra has been on a cherry-eating crusade so we bought more cherries are Costco. Fingers crossed they are as tasty. A part of me thinks I wouldn’t mind having a cherry tree but then you have to deal with all the birds snatching the goods before they are ripe, or they fall to the ground and make a mess. Probably no cherry trees in our future.

I got a call the other day that Ezra made it into the gifted/Spanish dual language program!

He will be going to a brand new school full time this year. I think he’s excited but I am pretty sure after a couple weeks he’ll be all, oh man, I have to go AGAIN?! I’ve told him he has to go everyday of the school year until he graduates from here on out but I don’t think he can fathom that far in time.

We’ve also decided the kids need to eat better so I’ve told Ez that after all the fruit snacks and chips are gone we won’t be restocking. I’ve told him he’s going to get more snacks like fruits and veggies and that he’ll be eating dinner with us. He seems on board so far but I know when it comes down to it he’ll be resistant. Every night I tell him about it (at his request, he always asks to know how we’ll be eating) so hopefully when it actually starts we won’t have to fight him too much.

Leo eats ok but could be better. We got rid of his high chair so we don’t have a way to force him to sit at the table now. Generally he eats a few bites and then gets up and runs away. I figure by simple lack of other food they will be eating what we eat in short order.

I made a low-carb tortilla recipe that ended up turning out more like crepes. Not sure why it was so much thicker but I definitely wasn’t able to pour the batter and swirl it around the pan like she could. They were still pretty tasty, though, so I used them for bacon and egg wraps.

There is a new documentary out called What the Health that I kind of want to see but mainly don’t want to waste my time as I understand it’s filled with either junk science or manipulated data taken from bad studies. I mean, if you want to eat a vegan lifestyle, go for it, but don’t expect to convert me with bad science. I agree feed lot animals are a poor choice of protein but until more ranchers read about managed rotational grazing and how it can reverse dustbowls and methane gas production, I’ll just have to be more cognizant to choose from conscientious producers.

I want to have some movie under the stars nights, so we purchased this projector to try out.

We bought a drop cloth and Jesse is going to build a frame so we can hang it on the deck posts. We are going to have movies outside! Now we just need to buy a speaker set so we can hear the audio. Because, you know, audio is important when watching a film.

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