Not done yet

“Not done yet. Not done yet!” is one of Leo’s favorite phrases lately.

He is currently building a tower with Duplo blocks and when I told him it was a wonderful tower Leo said, “No! Not done yet!” Ok kid, ok. He will be sitting on the toilet and yell for me to help him. I come in, “Ok, are you ready?” and without fail he answers, “Not done yet!” I think he likes that he learned a new phrase.

Jesse and I moved the trampoline onto the grass for the season. We had the sod laid last year and didn’t want to interfere with the settling in so we’d had the trampoline on the brick patio but we actually want to use the patio this year and the grass seems plenty settled. The kids are happy about the move because now they can lie under the tramp and it’s a nice shady, sheltered area.

We’ve been checking out tents and tent trailers for the upcoming camping season. Haven’t landed on anything yet. Ultimately we’d like a small trailer but then we’d need a truck to pull it; the van and Subaru cannot tow much weight. We really like the Nissan Titan trucks and they are having a 2017 sale to get rid of last year’s models, but that would put us at another $365 a month and would be super tight on the finances. Who knows, we’ll see.

This May will be Jesse and my 10 year anniversary! Holy crap, right?! We have a fun Vegas trip planned and Dad and Dani said they would come and watch the boys which is totally awesome because Ez will still be in school. Of course, we’re trying to pay off debt so it’s not the best time to be going to Vegas. But the on the other hand, you only have your 10 year once, gotta live it up!

We are actually going to see some shows this vacation! And I’m going to sit by the pool and soak up the sun! It will be awesome! EXCEPT! Las Vegas has implemented these shitty “resort fees”. That is on top of the regular hotel tax. Generally it’s about $40 per night and it goes toward getting wifi, access to the gym, and a couple other things. The only added thing I want is wifi. It’s not like I use the gym and I don’t care about the other perks. I don’t need access to print an airline boarding pass, I don’t read the newspaper. And I KNOW they aren’t paying $40 a day for their wifi fees. So you think you’re getting a great deal with some room promo rate and then the resort fee could actually be a higher cost than the room itself. Oh well, we’re already booked but it just really irks me.

I’ve been doing some weeding around the yard and while I hate weeding the ground is really soft right now so the weeds are pulling up pretty easily. The thing that gets me is that our landscapers put down weed barrier fabric and then proceeded to get dirt on top of the fabric. I know that some dirt gets on there or leaves break down or whatever, but we’re talking a LOT of dirt. They were just a crappy cut-rate landscaping company. I would NOT recommend JB Lawn Works.

I started making kombucha again. I’m in this weird zone where I think that eating keto and implementing aspects of fasting is really what works for me, but I also want to incorporate kombucha and sourdough bread and other fermented items. Unfortunately, I think those two paths are divergent. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But anyway, I’m sipping the results of my first bottled booch from this strain of scoby. Pretty pleased with the result so far. It’s a bit sweet so I can probably let the next batch brew longer. I mixed the booch with a wee bit of grape juice before bottling. Leo liked the flavor well enough that I gave him home in his sippy. I won’t give him much starting out because I know it can cause tummy distress until you’re used to it.

I’ve made pork rinds the past couple days.

You take pork rind pellets and either fry them or bake them. I’ve been frying them in bacon fat but will probably start baking them. The great thing about making your own (aside from knowing the exact ingredients used) is that you can flavor them however you want! I created a mesquite/bbq rub the last time I made these and there are all sorts of other seasonings with which to dust them. (As an aside, do you know how hard it is to not end a sentence with a preposition? I was going to say “to dust them with” but that wouldn’t have been proper.)


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