The poo saga continues

When we last left off, Leo had shat on the living room carpet upstairs.  I worried he would do it again as he loves to take off his pants and diaper and sometimes I’m just not paying attention.  I’m happy to report he has NOT pooped on the living room carpet upstairs again so far.  However.  He *did* poo on his bedroom carpet the next morning!

Ezra heard Leo moving around in his room so he opened the door to find him having just left a deposit on the floor.  *sigh*  We’re going to have to duct tape that kid into his diapers.

Lately Leo has been getting out of bed at night and turning on his light to play and “read” his books.  We go in an turn off the light and put him back down but it generally happens several times a night.  A few nights ago we decided to take out the bulbs in his bedroom light.  This was after several iterations of him getting up and we were all getting quite frustrated.  Us because we wanted him to sleep and him because we kept turning out the light.  After we took out the bulbs we heard him immediately pop up out of bed and scurry to flip on the light.  He was such a sad baby when the light didn’t work.  Cue the tears which I let go on for a couple minutes before I got up and led him back to bed.  He got up again to try it and after a few attempts I finally just let him cry it out and then he put himself back to bed.  I don’t think he tried the light at all last night.  Victory, sweet victory!

The new Nintendo came yesterday and it took so long to get hooked up and then to go through all the settings I didn’t have much desire to actually play anything.  I did install Mario 3D World and it was SUPER frustrating.  I kept accidentally jumping off cliffs.  It was hard for me to jump on the bad guys because I couldn’t get lined up correctly.  I’ll download a couple more games today and give it another go.  The handheld controller is kind of tough to get used to as well.  And it just came with the one controller so now I’m trying to figure out if I should get another gamepad controller or the Wii style controllers.

I’ve been slowly selling off components of the soap company.  Our back bedroom is so full of oils and butter and soaps and packaging material, it’s ridiculous.  A few people have paid me online for their things but then haven’t picked them up yet.  Come and get them!  I mean, I am selling this stuff for a reason, to get it out of the bedroom.  I don’t want to turn into a glorified storage facility!  I need to reach out to those folks again to schedule a specific time to come over…

Mary has been watching the boys for half days this week since our normal sitter went camping for their spring break.  The boys have loved having grandma watch them, and so have I!  You know what she does?  She cleans!  That’s right!  She has done some dishes every day, wiped down the kitchen, cleaned the upstairs bathroom!  It’s like a friggin’ cleaning angel visits us every day, it’s wonderful.  Most especially because I’m lazy and while I love a clean house I’m not too motivated to make it so.

I’ve been having this weird medical condition going on since September where randomly I’ll have blood in my urine, and we’re talking A LOT OF BLOOD.  I’ve gone in a couple times (once to the E.R.) but they haven’t been able to figure it out so finally my doctor ordered a CT scan of my kidneys/bladder area and some kind of scoping thing where they camera around the bladder to check for polyps or cysts or just whatever.  I’m not in pain, no fevers, everything else seems to be working appropriately.  It’s mystifying.  A couple people we know said that blood in the urine was one of the first signs of their cancer but when I mentioned that the doctor didn’t seem to think that was the case.  I go in for the CT tomorrow so fingers crossed they figure out what’s causing it.

Spring has sprung

Spring is truly here!  Our backyard fruit trees are beautifully blossoming and are so pretty to look at!

We are only going to be keeping the one pear tree (white flowers) and cutting down the apple and peach as they are too close to our back fence line.  But we have another peach tree planted in a barrel so hopefully in a few years that will begin to produce.

Our landscaper was out to the house recently and it looks like we will finally get started on our new yard in about a week.  Here are some “before” photos of the backyard.

We are going to have a mulched play area for the kids and some garden boxes along the back of the yard and then the rest will be sod.  I have been imagining it for a LONG time now, super excited!

Leo has been pretty consistently telling us when he has to pee for about the last week.  Sometimes it’s because he wants to get in the tub and we usually try to have him go before getting into the bath and other times I think it’s because he genuinely realizes he has to pee.  Anyway, the other night he had just gone and I gave him his potty treats (three jelly beans) and I was getting dinner ready when he came in from the living room to show me his masticated jelly bean on his finger.  I think I said something like, “That’s nice,” though I might have also said something like, “Cool!  Eat it up!” and went back to making dinner.

A few minutes later I looked into the living room and thought there had suddenly sprung a bunch of dirt piles on the carpet.  Except it wasn’t dirt.  It was poo!  I hadn’t put Leo’s diaper on because he had just peed and I figured he was good to free ball it for awhile.  That jelly bean on his finger?  Yeah, that was poo.  I’m really hoping I didn’t tell him to eat it.  *shudder*  So Jesse got Leo into a bath while I cleaned up the carpet.  Good times with a toddler!  I guess the lesson here is if your kid hasn’t pooped all day you should either have them wait longer on the toilet or diaper up after getting off.  Probably both.

For the past year or so we’ve blocked off one of the bookcases upstairs.  I’d been using it for a shipping station and general catch all for all the crap I was too lazy to put away.  Well Leo has very easily been able to get past the gate for awhile now so I finally cleaned out all the things (sales have been really slow lately, anyway) and we took down that gate.  It’s crazy how open the living room feels now.

We moved the printer downstairs and got a new shelf for above the TV and the Xbox is on top of that now, and we rearranged all the cords so there is just the singular power cable cord plugged into the wall.  Leo has been leaving that alone so far.

I was working a case at work the other day for a handheld console that had 1k games preloaded onto it.  One of the games was Super Mario Bros., the original.  It got me to thinking how much I loved those old games growing up and while they were challenging it’s not like the overly complicated games available today.  These years past I’d bought either the PS or Xbox consoles but had drifted away from Nintendo.  I don’t know why, because I’d always enjoyed their games.  I toyed around with which console to get, the older/proven Wii U or the brand new Switch.  The Switch had a lot of points going for it but in the end I decided to go with the Wii U because they already have a HUGE stable of games and the tech is solid.  And it was about $100 less.  It should arrive soon and I’m excited!  Granted, I play video games maybe once a week so it’s kind of a silly purchase but I think we’ll all make use of it.


Did you know I made it 36 years without having a cavity that needed filling?  That’s right!  My teeth rock!  But alas, all good things must come to an end.  I am scheduled to have my first cavity filled in a couple weeks.  I’m a little freaked out by the thought but am pretty sure I can handle it.  I mean, I handled c-section recovery and also dying after childbirth with relative ease, what is a cavity filling compared to that?!

Since September I had lost about 40 lbs on the ketogenic diet, which was great.  The trouble is, it’s hard for me to stay on it.  I miss the crackers, chips, sweets.  Pretty much everything that got me here in the first place.  I’ve fallen off the wagon the past couple months and as a result am up 10 lbs again.  Today I start once more.  Wish me luck!


Spring Break 2017 edition

Ezra’s spring break was this past week so we decided to head out with Velvet’s family and go to Green River, UT.  We didn’t have an auspicious start to the trip; Jesse was pulled over and ticketed twice within maybe a half hour for speeding.  It was completely ridiculous in the sense that he was in no way being unsafe.  The roads were nice and dry, fairly straight stretches of land.  We get to contact the county’s municipal buildings in no less than 5 but no more than 14 days.  It’s always nice to shell out tons of money and get points on your license, right?

After that it was smooth sailing, though.  We got to the motel that evening and hit up a taco truck for dinner.  The food was really basic but pretty tasty.  It was too late for our family to swim that night but Velvet’s girls got some time in.

And around then is where it went to hell that night for us.  See, Leo had been able to crawl out of his crib at home so we had swapped him out for the mattress, but he was still sleeping in his pack ‘n play at Brenda’s and we brought that crib with us.  He really doesn’t fit in it well at all and within moments had crawled out of it and was zooming around the motel room.  We put him back to bed many times and finally we decided Jesse would sleep with Ezra and Leo would sleep with me, except LEO DID NOT WANT TO SLEEP.  I was tired from the trip and a little emotionally exhausted from the speeding tickets and I just wanted to sleep!  In the end I had to physically restrain Leo to stay in the bed and he was just screaming bloody murder.  I felt bad for the folks with rooms near us because those walls were THIN!  Eventually Leopold fell asleep and I was able to doze off as well.  I say “doze” because that’s what it was.  I kept waking up thinking Leo was going to fall off the bed (which was high off the ground) and that kid is a mover.  He was all over the place.  I had to move him around many times that night.  I was NOT refreshed the next morning.

But morning eventually came and we met with Velvet’s team at the complimentary breakfast.  Which was all carbs.  It was pretty much the cheapest form of breakfast you could offer people for free.  But whatever, we ate and then were on our way.  Except maybe three minutes into the drive Velvet signalled us to pull over because her tire light had come on.  Turned out she had a nail in her tire and so we turned back around into town to find a repair shop.  And then we had to stop back at the motel after that for some more incidentals.  But after that, we were ON OUR WAY!

We took one wrong exit but the drive was very pretty so we didn’t mind.  We finally got to Little Wildhorse Canyon and started the trek.  It was a pretty easy hike for the most part with a couple areas requiring a bit of scrambling.  Because it was pretty early in the year there were still a couple places with water pooled up where we had to get creative in getting through those areas.  Ezra freaked out because he didn’t want to fall in (it also turned out later that he thought there were snakes hiding in the water) and at one point he did fall in and get one foot wet.  He was much more scared on the return trip because he knew what to expect.  I got cocky and then slipped in the water on the return.  Good times.

It was a little over five miles round trip and I think we were all glad to get back to the cars.  Jesse had had Leo in a hiking backpack all day and while Leo had a great time being carted around, Jesse’s back probably wasn’t too pleased.

We headed over to Goblin Valley to hike around some more, but once down into the goblins my feet heaved great protest and Jesse and I headed back up while Velvet and her girls took charge of our boys and let them run around some more.

We went back to the motel for some swimming and hot tubbing which the kids loved.  The tub could have been a bit hotter but it was probably a good temp for the kids.

We went to dinner at Tamarisk (we had tried to go the night before but it was too busy) and at first they were saying they couldn’t give us a high chair for Leo because he would have to sit in an aisle and it was a fire safety code violation.  Like it was the only point of exit from the dining area.  But eventually they found a table where they swapped out an adult chair.  Seriously they made a much bigger deal about it than was necessary.  They had fantastic fry bread and my halibut fish was great.  We finished off the night with a giant cinnamon roll and headed back for more swimming.  At least, the others did.  I got back to the room with Leo and crashed.

It wasn’t as difficult with Leo the second night but it still wasn’t fun.  I was able to get him to go to sleep in his crib and Ezra decided he wanted to sleep with me that night.  I have to say, that kid is a mover as well!  He was all over the place so I had to keep moving and scootching him around.  And then he would cuddle up next to me which was adorable except I was sleeping on less than a fourth of the bed and there was ALL this wide open space on the other side of Ez.  Finally, around 4am I got up and went to sleep with Jesse.  HE knows how to sleep vertically so I was able to get another 2.5 hours of sleep pretty uninterrupted.

The drive home was uneventful.  We took a different route home and saw some new sites.  We hit some snowy areas at one point.  It was so great unpacking everything and being able to sleep in our own beds!  I could have used a few more hours of sleep but that’s a fairly normal desire these days.

March 2017 keto log

3.7.17 – I had been eating cream cheese frosting on a whole slew on things lately.  I made cinnamon rolls that turned out just ok and followed a different recipe for the frosting.  That recipe made A TON of frosting.  All that I needed for the rolls and more.  It was the best frosting I have ever made.  I want to eat it every day.  So to finish it off I started eating it on animal crackers, bacon, etc.  As a result, I was back up to 240 lbs but it has now been keto eating for two and a half days and I’m back to 236.  Water weight makes a difference!  My fitbit is looser again and stomach a wee bit smaller.  Bloat is a real thing.

The trouble now is that I am jonesing for sugar.  Even thinking about the luscious frosting makes me crave it.  There are reports that say sugar is more addicting than heroin.  I’m not sure if I believe that, but I definitely believe it’s addicting.

I’ve been slowly adding walking back into my routine, about every third day or so.  Ezra has been doing YouTube walking videos with me, it’s pretty cute.

3.31.17 – Whelp, keto was a bust for March.  Let’s see what happens in April.

New yard, coming up!

We have settled on a landscaper!  We are all set to begin, roughly halfway into the month.  It might get pushed farther to the end of the month, it kind of just depends upon the weather.  I’m really excited about the layout and garden boxes and everything.  The weather has bee pretty nice lately and the boys have been wanting to go outside and play.  I’m looking forward for when we actually have a yard to play in and not just a mud pit.

I think we may even make a sandbox for the boys.  We think they’d like that a lot.  All of these homesteading blogs I am reading are all talking about their seed orders and what they’re putting in their gardens this year.  I was talking with Velvet about it and we are thinking to maybe do a community thing where one of us grows a couple things, the other grows some complementary plants.  Then some friends heard about it and they want in on the action as well, so we may have a diverse amount of food this season!

I still want to get into canning more.  There are some people who practice “no-buy February” and “Food Storage March” where you don’t buy anything in February and only eat food you’ve already put by in March.  Even though we’ve gotten away from a lot of our original ideas like rabbits and chickens, I still like the idea of growing our own food.

We did get rid of the last couple chickens and the same guy took the chicken coop.  So now we just have Benny and Jojo for animals.  I’m still thinking about kittens, especially because we have some voles popping up in our yard again.  But I’m also considering how much work kittens are so I don’t know what I’ll decide on that front.

Jesse and I are enjoying our Broadway at the Eccles season theatre tickets.

We renewed for next year already and are very excited about the coming lineup.  We have two, maybe three, shows left for the rest of this season.  I think it’s only two shows left, Cinderella and Dirty Dancing.  I have been impressed with many of the shows so far and the building is well put together.  The downside is that certain productions have not tuned the sound appropriately, making it difficult to understand what’s going on.  You’d think traveling Broadway shows would have figured all that out.

I have a new shift at work, one which lets me out several hours earlier.  There is actually still daylight when I leave the building!  It’s pretty nice.  Of course, that means I have to get up about three hours earlier which I’m not so keen on.  I take Leo to the sitter’s way early in the morning and that means we’ve had to switch up our nighttime routine as well.  We put Leo down at 7pm and try to have Ez all ready before 8pm, and we are usually in bed by 9pm.  Leo is so cute and cuddly in the morning when I get him up I just want to snuggle him hard!  Recently he has figured out how to bypass the baby door lock so now we have to literally bungee his doorknob to our bedroom doorknob so he won’t come out.  He is not a happy camper about this turn of events.

Ezra has really upped his reading game lately.  When dad and Dani were visiting, Dani made mention that another of her grandsons is an avid reader and that he reads more than one hour a day.  In the van on the way home a couple days ago, Ezra told me, “I really like reading now.  I’m just like Wyatt, I like to read for more than an hour a day!”

I’ve very gingerly dipped a toe back on the walking circuit and Ezra has been doing walking videos with me.  He keeps up with the one-mile walk and has been insisting we do the two- or three-mile video so yesterday I put on the two-mile video and he dropped out before hitting one mile exclaiming that he was just so tired and that he was burning up all of his good calories.

Leo is talking more, saying ready, blanket, Caroline, Brenda, etc.  Of course, you already have to have some idea of what it is he’s trying to say, but I’m still happy he’s branching out vocabularily.

We have been using Plex media center lately.  The main reason I wanted it was because you can watch your own videos from your own servers no matter where you are.  That is a huge win when you are away from the house and the kids just *HAVE* to watch a show right then and there.  The downside is the server is only as good as the equipment you have.  So while it works a treat in the house on our own network, I frequently get the error message that our server isn’t fast enough to support the media stream when I try to watch shows away from the house.  I’m not sure if this is an issue with our internet upload speed or the speed of the computer itself.

I am wanting to get back into sourdough bread and kombucha again.  Jesse was like, “So, are you just completely giving up on low carb?”  And I was all, “No no, I just want to add more fermented food into our diet.”  And then I made a batch of brownies.  Low carb keto appears to have gone by the wayside for the time being.  I looked up a cinnamon roll recipe on Pinterest and this was top of the search results.

Pinterest, keeping it real.