So fresh and so clean

Well, I finally figured out what was going on with the images in WordPress. My images were too large so even though they uploaded they couldn’t be edited. I fixed it by shrinking the images by 50% and then uploading. Now I can edit the images again. Of course, now that they are smaller images they aren’t doing that weird thing where they upload sideways so it’s a moot point. But still good to know.

Poor Leo was sick last night. And I do mean SICK. Multiple pukers, it came on so suddenly. He seems all good today but last night he was such a sad panda and kept saying “Oh boy, oh boy,” so pathetically with his head resting on the toilet seat.

Jesse and I watched “Life” last night.

It was thrilling but I kept shouting directions to the cast and they never did it! I’m telling you, I could save so many fake movies lives if only they listened to me.

I feel like we’re getting into the home stretch with potty training Leo. He does so well when he doesn’t have anything on his lower half, no accidents. He does really well when he’s only wearing pants with no diaper, pull-ups, or underwear. The problem is if he is wearing anything that resembles a diaper he just doesn’t think about it and will pee. Now, this is probably not a bad way to go, to put him in underwear and just let him pee so he feels all wet but the problem with this method is that I am the one who has to clean up pee puddles! All in all, I think he’s on track. Boys usually take longer than girls and he’s not yet three so it’s not like he’s behind in that sense, either. I’m just eager to be done with it.

Jesse and I cleaned up the office yesterday and made room for the computer desk and accessories from the downstairs living room and then cleaned up the downstairs living room and it looks AMAZING. Seriously, it’s just so spacious and empty feeling now, I love it. And the office room is looking really good. The downside is now that it is an official office, we no longer have a guest room where we can throw our spare mattress. But we have a huge living room area where we could put it if it comes to it. Guests would just have to ignore the cats and perhaps dog that would sleep with them.

I recently finished a 30-day squats challenge where I had to do 100 squats daily. I only missed one day. It doesn’t seem likely that I will be doing it again any time soon. I mean, I’m proud of myself for sticking with it but I’m fat so it’s not like I’m seeing results from it. I really need to get back to keto. Every day I say, “Today’s the day,” but then it doesn’t happen.

We’ve been really monitoring Ezra’s screen time during the school week and as a result he and Leo have been playing together a ton, it’s very cute.

Ezra has decided he would like to do Tai Kwan Do so I am looking into that for him. The local rec center has classes so we’ll start him out there. We also need to get him into swim lessons. It may be a busy spring.

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