The poo saga continues

When we last left off, Leo had shat on the living room carpet upstairs.  I worried he would do it again as he loves to take off his pants and diaper and sometimes I’m just not paying attention.  I’m happy to report he has NOT pooped on the living room carpet upstairs again so far.  However.  He *did* poo on his bedroom carpet the next morning!

Ezra heard Leo moving around in his room so he opened the door to find him having just left a deposit on the floor.  *sigh*  We’re going to have to duct tape that kid into his diapers.

Lately Leo has been getting out of bed at night and turning on his light to play and “read” his books.  We go in an turn off the light and put him back down but it generally happens several times a night.  A few nights ago we decided to take out the bulbs in his bedroom light.  This was after several iterations of him getting up and we were all getting quite frustrated.  Us because we wanted him to sleep and him because we kept turning out the light.  After we took out the bulbs we heard him immediately pop up out of bed and scurry to flip on the light.  He was such a sad baby when the light didn’t work.  Cue the tears which I let go on for a couple minutes before I got up and led him back to bed.  He got up again to try it and after a few attempts I finally just let him cry it out and then he put himself back to bed.  I don’t think he tried the light at all last night.  Victory, sweet victory!

The new Nintendo came yesterday and it took so long to get hooked up and then to go through all the settings I didn’t have much desire to actually play anything.  I did install Mario 3D World and it was SUPER frustrating.  I kept accidentally jumping off cliffs.  It was hard for me to jump on the bad guys because I couldn’t get lined up correctly.  I’ll download a couple more games today and give it another go.  The handheld controller is kind of tough to get used to as well.  And it just came with the one controller so now I’m trying to figure out if I should get another gamepad controller or the Wii style controllers.

I’ve been slowly selling off components of the soap company.  Our back bedroom is so full of oils and butter and soaps and packaging material, it’s ridiculous.  A few people have paid me online for their things but then haven’t picked them up yet.  Come and get them!  I mean, I am selling this stuff for a reason, to get it out of the bedroom.  I don’t want to turn into a glorified storage facility!  I need to reach out to those folks again to schedule a specific time to come over…

Mary has been watching the boys for half days this week since our normal sitter went camping for their spring break.  The boys have loved having grandma watch them, and so have I!  You know what she does?  She cleans!  That’s right!  She has done some dishes every day, wiped down the kitchen, cleaned the upstairs bathroom!  It’s like a friggin’ cleaning angel visits us every day, it’s wonderful.  Most especially because I’m lazy and while I love a clean house I’m not too motivated to make it so.

I’ve been having this weird medical condition going on since September where randomly I’ll have blood in my urine, and we’re talking A LOT OF BLOOD.  I’ve gone in a couple times (once to the E.R.) but they haven’t been able to figure it out so finally my doctor ordered a CT scan of my kidneys/bladder area and some kind of scoping thing where they camera around the bladder to check for polyps or cysts or just whatever.  I’m not in pain, no fevers, everything else seems to be working appropriately.  It’s mystifying.  A couple people we know said that blood in the urine was one of the first signs of their cancer but when I mentioned that the doctor didn’t seem to think that was the case.  I go in for the CT tomorrow so fingers crossed they figure out what’s causing it.

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