Treats in the hizzy

Hizzy is outdated slang for “house”, Dad.

With trying to keep my blood sugars low, I’ve been looking for treats to satisfy my sweet tooth that won’t send my sugars skyrocketing upward.  The first thing I tried were these toasted coconut butter treats.  They sounded like they would hit the spot so I attempted to make them.  I didn’t have stevia, so I used a little blob of honey in the mix.  I should definitely have used more.  And I think maybe I toasted the coconut a wee bit too much.  Sad to say, I found these very gross, but Ezra seems to like them.  They turned out kind of grainy and no hint of sweetness.

20150325_171908 20150325_172802 20150326_152910

I remembered there were these coconut oil treats that I’d always wanted to try, but I couldn’t find the blogs for the recipes when I was at home, so I found a different recipe: 1C. coconut oil, 1 C. cocoa powder, and 1/2 C. raw (unprocessed) honey.  You melt the oil and cocoa powder slowly in a double boiler and then add the raw honey.  You want to make sure the oil/cocoa mix is under 180 when you put in the honey because you don’t want to kill the beneficial properties of the honey.  Honey and oil typically don’t mix, so you’ll want to use an immersion stick blender to mix it all together.  I ended up adding a little vanilla as well, and then poured into the molds.

20150326_182224 20150326_182647 20150326_183307 20150326_183357 20150326_183758 20150326_184333 20150326_184637

These things are awesome!  Super rich, melt in your mouth (and Ezra’s hands and face), and satisfy that sweet craving.  I think it ended up making about 45 treats, so I’m not too worried about the amount of honey used.  I used silicon ice cube trays from Ikea, they worked really well.  I’m still going to try and find the recipes for those other coconut oil treats, but these are very tasty.

Speaking of very tasty, Jesse has gotten really good at smoking cornish game hens in our smoker, and yesterday he did a regular chicken; it was awesome!  I wish I had gotten a photo of the whole bird after it came out, but this will have to suffice:


The skin was crisp, the flesh was super juicy and tender, and I made stellar asparagus to go with it.  Per pound, chicken is cheaper than cornish game hens, so we’ll probably go this direction again in the future.

Sunday was also my first night of taking Glyburide, a diabetes medication.  My OB thought my fasting numbers and dinner numbers were too high, so she wants me to take this pill before dinner.  It’s supposed to help the body absorb the insulin available (which will lower blood sugar) as well as lessen the ability of the liver to release glucose.  I will say it gave me great numbers for after dinner, but I felt like crap.  I don’t know if it was a one-off thing or if there were other issues at play, but I did NOT feel well.  I’ll see how it goes tonight.  My morning fasting numbers were better as well, though still not where they should be.  Apparently fasting numbers have to do with hormones, and the placenta is making my hormones all crazy, so I cannot really control that aspect with diet for now.

I’ve gotten in touch with a dog behaviorist; we’re just waiting to set up a time for her to come over.  Fingers crossed she gives us solid information that we will actually be able to implement.

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