Two hours!

Lately Leo has taken to say “Two hours! Two hours!” to just about everything and I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean. I get him up from his nap, “Two hours!” Well, that one makes sense. He shows me his dirty hands, “Two hours!” I tell him to come in for dinner, “Two hours!” It’s “two hours” for almost everything and I’m never sure really what he is getting at.

We signed up Ezra for Spring soccer this term. He hasn’t been on a team sport before so it should be interesting to see how he does. The weird thing is, there is no practice, it’s all games. Not sure how they are to learn the rules of the sport if there are no practices.

We came home from a shopping trip the other day to find Keiko pawing at something in the corner of the rocked lavender bed area. Turns out it was a very healthy vole. It looked super soft and I wanted to pet it but it was in turns hissing at Keeks and eating a dead leaf so I decided it probably wasn’t for me. Keiko didn’t seem to know what to do and Jojo was walking over so I picked her up and put her in front of it. She was in stealth mode immediately but didn’t attack it! I was like, it’s right there! And she seemed like she wanted to stalk it. There was literally nowhere for it to go, it didn’t have a hole behind in but no one was taking action. I decided to bring out Benny.

Benny has several times stolen kills from the girls and eaten it but he’d never killed a rodent that I know of. I let him out of the house and he immediately started chasing Joline and when I finally got him back it took awhile before he figured out what I was pointing him toward. I kept tell him, “Get it! Get it!” and it must have taken a swipe at him at some point because he yelped and pulled back. But eventually he bit it and took it out of the corner it was in and he ate it on the front lawn.

I praised him thoroughly and put him back in the house when he was done. I wouldn’t want him killing rabbits or the cats, but rodents cause sickness and holes in our yard so I am very ok with him taking them out of the equation.

We get to see the play Hamilton tonight! I’m excited because I like seeing plays but Velvet and her crew are EXCITED!!! I haven’t really listened to the soundtrack aside from a song or two I’ve heard while with Velvet so it’ll be all new to Jesse and me. We’re getting all dressed up and going out to a nice dinner first. So fun!

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