Keto log #3

10.18.16 – I’m still ketoing on but have had a couple of what you might call “cheat” days.  I didn’t go all out and binge or anything, but I had a Café Rio salad with rice and beans one day, and then wings with BBQ sauce a few days later.  Surprisingly, the rice and beans didn’t do much to take me out of ketosis according to my urine strips, but the BBQ wing night basically took me to the very edge.  I’ve been hungrier than usual lately and I’m sure it’s because my body is getting back into ketosis.

I’ve gone up a few pound from my low of 252, right now I’m hanging around 254.  I’ve decided it’d be a good idea to start logging food again, which I hate.  It’s such a pain in the ass to first try to find the food in the vast log of food (I use My Fitness Pal) and then to measure it all out.  And then if you create your own recipes you have to estimate what the measurements are and what the serving sizes should be.  Generally I just dump stuff together and it all turns out, so this is a time-consuming process.  It looks like my carbs are always great but I’m going over on calories, so that’s probably why weight loss has stalled.  That being said, I may still be losing inches.  I took measurements when I started and just again today.

Measurements from around 8.29.16:
Right thigh: 31.5
Left thigh: 30.5
Hips: 56.5
Waist: 50.5
Bust: 48
Left arm: 16
Right arm: 17
Neck: 16

Measurements from 10.18.16:
Right thigh: 29.5
Left thigh: 29.5
Hips: 54
Waist: 47
Bust: 45
Left arm: 15.5
Right arm: 16.5
Neck: 16

So I have lost inches of course, but I now need to see if I keep losing inches while staying at the same weight, because apparently that is a thing.  I’m probably going to go the rest of the month not too concerned about calories and then measure again in a half month or so.  On the one hand if I either stay the same or gain weight then I should have been counting calories and wasted half a month/month but on the other hand if I’m still losing inches and the occasional pound or two, I’ll probably stay on “lazy” keto and not worry about things too much.

I usually do intermittent fasting (IF) on a 16/8 schedule, meaning I don’t eat for 16 hours and then have a eight-hour window to eat my food but these last couple days it’s been tricky as I’ve felt ravenous upon waking.  I know once I become more adapted it’ll be easier and I may even go full on fasting some days.

10.29.16 – Things have been going pretty well lately.  I was stalled for a couple weeks at around 251 and I was very confused by it.  I thought going IF would help but I kind of wondered if that wasn’t the problem after all.  I was doing around 20/4 and I felt ok but decided to start eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner again and what do you know, today I am 247!  I don’t know if it’s coincidence or what since I don’t really track my macros, but I do feel like I’m eating more per day when I do the three meals and have been losing small amounts daily over the past five days.  And I do like the pleasure of eating multiple times a day instead of just one or two times.

Jesse has lost about 10 lbs I think it is, mostly from his belly, he looks so trim!  Not that he really needs to lose weight as tall and lanky as he is, but he looks very fit these days.

I purchased my first new pair of jeans the other day, one size smaller!  I was pretty happy about that.  The weird thing is, even at 27 lbs gone, I don’t *feel* lighter when I move around.  I mean, when I roll over in bed at night I’m no longer hoisting a huge belly around, but when I’m walking I don’t feel lighter.  I suspect that will probably come later, if at all.  Most likely I’ll not really notice because it happens over a long period of time and is so gradual that it’s not shocking to the system.

That’s all for the log for this month.  I’ll keep on keto and we’ll see what happens!

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